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"Together We Rise: Supporting Business Women Through Cyclone Recovery,"

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We are pleased to announce that our hybrid meeting was a success, and we would like to share our findings with you. During the meeting, we had the privilege of hearing from several business leaders who shared their valuable insights and experiences. Business leaders, including Ines Curin, Eloise Condron, Christine Jull, Sarah Davies, Jennifer Myers, Romona Combrink and Kate MacGregor, attended the meeting.

We discussed various ways to support those affected by the recent disaster. We agreed that creating a safe and supportive environment where members can ask for help is essential. We also explored how the Girls Talk Business Community (GTB) can help.

The group suggested practical ways to offer assistance, such as offering mentorship, providing helpful knowledge, and connecting with businesses on the ground to understand their needs. We plan to create a promotion in our FB Group to let affected members know they can contact GTB Leaders for support. Our leaders are willing to listen, answer questions, and provide practical assistance to help those impacted get back on their feet and feel supported.

We acknowledge that many people may not know what kind of support they need right now, so we will continue to provide information through blogs to help people feel better and let them know they haven't been forgotten. We also recognise that there is a huge learning curve for those affected by the disaster, and we plan to offer ongoing support.

During the meeting, there were many unanswered questions, such as how to approach people who have been affected and when to offer help, what specific areas they need support with (such as clarity, mental well-being or staff issues), and how best to disaster-proof and future-proof business to reduce the impact. We also discussed the emotional impact of the disaster on individuals and the

importance of acknowledging and addressing it.

In conclusion, the meeting emphasised the importance of offering practical support to those affected by the disaster while recognising the emotional impact and providing a safe space for members to share their experiences and ask for help. GTB is committed to providing ongoing support to help those impacted get back on their feet and feel supported through this difficult time.

If you or anyone you know has been impacted by the recent disaster, we encourage you to reach out to us at We are here to provide support, answer any questions you may have, and offer practical assistance to help you get back on your feet. Don't hesitate to contact us – or you can reach out to our GTB Partners & GTB Leaders below.

I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who attended this meeting, and I am looking forward to continuing this important conversation. Our discussion focused on how we can support those impacted by the recent disaster, but we also recognised that disasters and unexpected events can affect us all at some point in our business lives. Therefore, we aim to keep this conversation ongoing to ensure that we are prepared to provide practical support and a safe space for our members in times of need.

INES CURIN - Founder of Girls Talk Business, a vibrant online platform for women in business in New Zealand. I am deeply committed to supporting businesswomen by providing a wealth of resources, including training workshops through our membership program and opportunities to connect and network online. With my extensive knowledge of the challenges women face in the business world, and my passion for empowering and uplifting fellow entrepreneurs, I'm thrilled to lead the conversation and share my insights with you today.

CHRISTINE JULL - Co-founder of Catalyst and founder of The Wave NZ.

GTB Partner at Girls Talk Business. With over 30 years of leadership and business experience, Christine has delivered critical outcomes and inspires others facing challenges. Despite facing personal challenges, including heart surgery, breast cancer, stroke, and the loss of a partner to cancer, she continues to lead significant commercial outcomes in her C-suite role. Christine is certified in health, yoga, and life coaching, and she integrates these skills to create a holistic experience of time and energy with focus. She has developed best practices for integrating leadership, wellness, and relationships, making her an invaluable addition to our panel today.

Christine Jull has an impressive background in crisis management. She was a critical crisis manager in the local efforts for a multi-national during the devastating Christchurch earthquake. Today, Christine will share her valuable insights and experiences on crisis management and how we can support women entrepreneurs recovering from natural disasters. Let's give a warm welcome to Christine Jull.

ELOISE CONDRON - Proud Owner of The Bespoke Designer

GTB Partner at Girls Talk Business. Eloise is a Web Designer, Product Packaging & Brand Identity Specialist in a Gisborne-based business. She brings a unique perspective to our discussion, having witnessed firsthand the aftermath of a disaster zone. Although not directly affected by the recent storm, Eloise has seen its impact on her friends in Gisborne and Piha. With her expertise in web design and branding, coupled with her experience in navigating through crises, Eloise is sure to bring a valuable and insightful contribution to our conversation today.


A digital transformation business partner specialising in helping clients optimise their operations, increase productivity, and reduce overhead costs. Their focus is on empowering clients to achieve their core business objectives. Specifically, OCH Limited provides IT assistance, including e-commerce platforms, PBX options, virtual teams, and assistants, as well as automation of systems. These resources can be invaluable to women entrepreneurs affected by natural disasters, enabling them to rebuild their businesses, stay connected with customers and suppliers, and operate more efficiently despite significant disruption. With her expertise in digital transformation and IT solutions, Ramona is sure to provide valuable insights into how technology can help women entrepreneurs overcome challenges and thrive in today's business landscape.

GTB Partner at Girls Talk Business. Sarah is a skilled strategist and coach. Her focus is helping service business owners proactively create a profitable business and scale beyond the hourly rate while making time to enjoy life along the way. With her expertise and experience, Sarah is a valuable asset to our discussion, and we're excited to hear her insights.

GTB Leader at Girls Talk Business. Jen is a 'business change agent' with 26 years of experience and over 350 direct coaching or training sessions with service professionals. Jen is also a Keynote Speaker and Facilitator, using her diverse background, including an MBA degree, financial advising, entrepreneurship, and teaching at a university, to enhance her presentations. With a talent for simplifying complex information and strong communication and problem-solving skills, Jen's expertise in improving various aspects of professional service businesses will bring valuable insights to our panel.

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