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Hi! My name is Jennifer Myers, and I own Gener8 Leadership Solutions.

For the past 12 years here in NZ I've done nothing but Coach, Train and Speak full-time. I've helped business owners and leaders all over the country learn how to level up in the following areas:

- strategy and planning ("I've lost my way a bit and need clarity and structure to help me move forward.")

- self-leadership ("Who am I being as the leader of my business?")

- leadership of others ("How can I connect better with my team members so that I become the kind of leader they WANT to follow?")

- communication ("I need someone to help me understand how I'm naturally 'wired' to behave and communicate and help me understand how to work to my strengths and manage my 'blind spots'. I also need someone to help my team learn how to build a common language around communication so we have fewer dramas and misunderstandings.")

- relationship-building (AKA: Sales) ("I hate promoting myself, but know I need to sell in order to have a sustainable business! HELP!")

I've spoken or facilitated workshops at 24 national conferences to date and LOVE having fun and adding value for attendees!

I'm a certified Business & Leadership coach and Certified DISC behavioural styles consultant.


find out more about how I help my clients in any of these places:

Have any questions? Email me: or simply ring me on 0276123493


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Jennifer Myers

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