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Empowering Women in Business,
The Journey of Girls Talk Business

Girls Talk Business - A Community for Empowering Women in Business

Four years ago, founder Ines Curin set out to create a supportive community for businesswomen in New Zealand. From a small Facebook group, Girls Talk Business (GTB) has grown to nearly 9000 members dedicated to their businesses and eager to connect and learn.

Ines faced many challenges along the way. In particular, she wanted to find a way to prevent the group from becoming a place to promote business links, instead, ensure that valuable information is always provided to the group members. Despite these challenges, she stayed true to her mission and in 2019, took a leap forward by launching her first GTB website.

Eloise Condron from The Bespoke Designer later redesigned the website and introduced the new exiting branding. Eloise and Ines continue to collaborate by introducing new ideas to create a warm and inviting space where businesswomen can come together, promote their brand, connect with other members and industry experts, and grow their confidence.

Girls Talk Business (GTB) was born out of a need for a sense of purpose after Ines stepped away from her retail business. Today, Ines wants to give back to the community that supported her during her journey and to continue exploring new ideas and opportunities. The GTB community has become a place where New Zealand businesswomen can Learn, Engage, Action, Promote (LEAP) forward and succeed in their endeavours.

At Girls Talk Business GTB, we believe that when women come together and share their knowledge, experiences, and support, they can achieve anything. That's why we're so proud of what GTB has become and can't wait to continue being a resource for women in business for years to come.


Join us and discover your unique story and what it means to know your superpower and use it everyday.

My Entrepreneurial Journey & the Creation of Girls Talk Business (GTB)

My entrepreneurial journey began at the age of thirteen, inspired by my immigrant parents, who taught me the key to success meant work hard. My first job was selling my mother's clothing designs at local markets, where I learnt what it meant to run your own business. At twenty-two, I enrolled in a fashion course, my first real experience learning a new skill since I left school. At 27, I began to truly fall in love with fashion, and when on to built my first successful business. Barracuda, a surf and streetwear retail store on the North Shore allowed me to bring my passion for fashion to life.  Seventeen years later, I found myself burnt out and seeking a new adventure to anchor too. I closed Barracuda in 2012, and told myself: it was time to pause, reflect and recharge.

The creation of Girls Talk Business (GTB) came about as a result of my need for a sense of purpose. I had that with Barracuda, and somehow, I wanted to replicate that. I spent some time in Real estate, but my heart wanted more. The GTB Community gave me a place to find myself and reclaim a sense of worth. Now after 5 years of searching for my own answers I want to give back to the community that supported me during this time and continue exploring ways to empower women in business. 

As another year begins, I am excited to keep delivering valuable content and resources to the GTB community. My ultimate goal is for members to find value in the group, wherever they are in their business journey, and to gain the support and guidance they need to succeed.

I invite you to join me in this journey by participating in the next membership intake for the GTB Membership. Together, we can explore new ideas, connect with other businesswomen, and succeed in our business and personal lives. 

My passion now is to continue to provide valuable information, resources, and opportunities for growth through our L.E.A.P. approach: Learn, Engage, Action and Promote. I would like to invite you to join me in this journey by participating in the next membership intake for the GTB Membership. Together, we can take the next step toward your success.  

I'm eager to support you."

Ines x

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