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You might be thinking, I still have some questions.

Well, don't worry, I've put together some Q & A's, which I hope will help you make the right decision.

Here they are:

Q: When does my membership start?

Our Membership Doors open three times a year.

A: You can jump on our website at and join our priority membership so we can notify you before we open our doors. If, for some reason, you miss out on purchasing your membership, don't worry; your spot is secured.  Your membership starts from the date of purchase.

Q: I'm just getting started in my business. Is Girls Talk Business the right place for me?

A: Our GTB Leaders and I are here to help you connect with members and industry experts and support your business journey so you don't feel like you are doing this alone.

Q: How much does the GTB Membership cost?

A: Still to be confirmed. The price of our Premium Membership will change as of January 2024. 

Q: How much time do I need to invest as a GTB Member?

A: Only you will know what works best for you. You can invest as much or as little time as you like. We recommend you invest at least an hour a week.

This can include:

  • attend one workshop a month

  • organising/scheduling your weekly post

  • attend at least one online speed networking event

We guarantee you will see great results once you commit to the membership program and get involved by consistently showing up.

Q: I don't like attending in-person or online Networking Events because I'm shy and don't know what to say.

A: If this is you, then this is the place you belong. You see, I know how it feels to be you. It can feel a little scary initially, especially with people you don't know. Don't let this stop you from attending events because networking is the fastest way to build business relationships and help your business grow. You will find support from other GTB Members and myself. We learn by observing others, taking away what we like and implementing this into our new daily life. And what better way than attending online networking events to learn from others.

Q: What happens once I purchase my membership?

A: Next Step:

  • You can start posting immediately on the following Wednesday in the GTB Facebook Group.

  • You can find both our Workshops and the Networking Events on our website. Log in to our website and RSVP your spot to our workshop and our next online Networking events.

  • You are welcome to reach out to to organise a Zoom and show you around.

Q: How do I overcome my anxiety if no one engages with my posts?

A: The GTB Community will help you get the engagement and conversations in the comments section. Once you join as a GTB Member, you become part of the GTB Community that supports each other. You will naturally see your engagement increase because you will meet more women in the group. And they will support and encourage you so you won't feel alone.

Q: How do I ask questions when I want to ask an expert?

A: You will automatically join Groups where you will find the GTB Leaders. Here, you can post your question. and start conversations with each other. If, however, you require a more detailed explanation specific to you and your business, you can discuss the cost with the GTB Leader.

Q: What if I miss the doors opening?

A: If you miss the initial opening, don't worry! The doors are open for seven days, giving you ample time to secure your membership spot. You can visit our website at and purchase within this timeframe. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next time we open our doors.

Q: How can I ensure I won't miss out on important updates and events as a member?

A: Once you become a member, you'll receive regular email updates about workshops, networking events, and other important announcements. Make sure to check your inbox for the latest information on GTB activities.

Q: Is there a trial period for the GTB Membership?

A: Currently, we don't offer a trial period, but we have designed our membership to be flexible, allowing you to cancel anytime if it doesn't meet your expectations.

Q: What kind of businesses are represented in the GTB community?

A: Our community is diverse, with members from various industries and niches. You'll find a range of experiences and expertise from startup entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners. This diversity fosters a rich environment for learning and collaboration.

Q: How can I maximize the benefits of my membership?

A: To make the most of your GTB Membership, actively participate in workshops, engage with other members in the Facebook Group, and attend networking events. Your involvement will contribute to the vibrancy of the community and enhance your overall experience.

Q: Can I share my success stories and achievements within the GTB community?

A: Absolutely! We encourage members to share their successes, milestones, and achievements in the Facebook Group. Your accomplishments inspire and motivate others, creating a positive and supportive environment.

Remember, we're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our team at We look forward to welcoming you to the GTB community!

Q: Can I cancel my membership if I change my mind?

A: Yes, you can cancel anytime. We want this to work for you, but if you decide this is not the right place for you, we will be sorry to see you go.

If you have signed up for our monthly plan, we will cancel your plan Immediately.

We will do this immediately if you have signed up for our yearly plan and wish to cancel. However, no refund will be given for the unused portion.

Q: Are there other opportunities to get coaching and accountability so I can continue to move forward and utilise my membership?

A: Yes, Ines holds complimentary accountability sessions every month so you can get support and help you consistently show up.

Learn more about the Mentor Program - Beyond Small Talk with Ines.

Ines offers a mentor program designed for women in business and solopreneurs who are experts in their fields but encounter internal barriers that hold them back from stepping into their power. Priced at $1200 plus GST, she'll show you how to overcome these obstacles, seamlessly aligning your identity with your brand and creating a singular and authentic voice.

To learn more about the Mentor Program - Beyond Small Talk with Ines, contact Ines Curin at

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