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Embracing Challenges, Celebrating Victories, and Navigating the Next Chapter.

Girls Talk Business and Beyond

Hello, I'm Ines Curin, the founder of Girls Talk Business. In this blog post, I'm taking a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on the journey of creating the

GTB Facebook Group and launching Girls Talk Business as my business.

From the exciting beginnings to overcoming challenges, celebrating victories, and shaping the future of Girls Talk Business, each experience has propelled me towards embracing my genuine passion: Beyond Small Talk with Ines.

Now, I invite you to explore what lies beyond as I navigate this next chapter and share the journey forward.

The Exciting Beginning

When I stepped into the role of admin for the Girls Talk Business Facebook Group back in 2018, I was buzzing with excitement, enthusiasm, and a touch of nerves.

Honestly, I didn't have a clue what I was doing, but it felt like entering a magical realm of opportunities and endless possibilities, like I was crafting something truly meaningful. I was determined to create an inclusive space where everyone felt valued.

Little did I know then, this drive was also fuelled by my own longing for acceptance and validation, a realisation that would only come to light years later.

Girls Talk Business InPerson Networking Event

Embracing Challenges.

What initially sparked enthusiasm gradually gave way to uncertainty and confusion. As I delved deeper into managing the GTB Facebook Group, I found myself wrestling with its direction, unsure of my ultimate goals.

The pressure to please everyone clouded my judgment, making it difficult to make decisive choices. It was during this moment of reflection that I realised the importance of acquiring the necessary skills and insights to steer the group towards success.

Plus there was this niggling question of whether I had something valuable to offer beyond simply bringing people together, and this weighed heavily on my mind.

All these doubts sparked a need to journey into the realm of self-discovery, guiding me towards exploring my deepest desires and discovering genuine value I could offer.

Girls Talk Business

Time to Reevaluate.

When the pandemic abruptly altered our lives, shifting our workspaces to our homes, it prompted a reevaluation of my direction for Girls Talk Business website. With newfound determination, I chose to invest in myself, seeking guidance from marketing experts to guide me toward a clearer vision.

I was excited to think Girls Talk Business could evolve into my own business venture. So I set about recreating the Girls Talk Business website and incorporated my personal brand into the platform.

While these changes were happening, I began to sense a subtle transformation within myself. I was feeling more confident about the direction I was headed.

The Turing Point.

Facing setbacks is an inevitable aspect of any journey, and I've encountered my fair share while managing the GTB Facebook Group. One incident, in particular, stands out vividly in my memory, as it nearly led me to give up entirely. It occurred when I posted a collaboration request. What I had intended as a harmless inquiry quickly spiralled into an uncomfortable situation. This was that moment where I realised that, individuals respond based on their own life experiences.

In the aftermath of this incident, I found myself grappling with a mix of emotions, feeling disheartened and even contemplating shutting down the group altogether. After dedicating numerous years to nurturing the GTB Facebook Group, it hurt just a little, that anyone could question my intentions and respond so negatively.

Girls Talk Business

However, this moment served as a turning point for me. I realised that it's impossible to please everyone all of the time, and that perceptions are deeply influenced by individual experiences.

Above all, this experience taught me resilience. Instead of giving up, I chose to carry on and not allow this setback to define my journey, but instead learn from this uncomfortable situation and move forward with resilience.

A Moment for Reflection.

As I look back on my journey and how I reached this point, I can't help but acknowledge the challenges, doubts, and soul-searching that defined my path. It was a journey filled with moments of uncertainty and self-reflection, where I grappled with understanding my true identity and where my passions truly lie.

Beyond Small Talk with Ines

Now, with hindsight, I can appreciate the twists and turns that led me here, to a place where I can finally embrace my authenticity and speak my truth. While I once hoped for a simple answer or a clear roadmap to finding my purpose, I've come to realise that the journey itself is the destination.

Each experience, every detour, has shaped my understanding of myself and what truly matters to me. After years of introspection and growth, I'm excited to be here in this time and space where I can confidently say, I've uncovered my purpose and am ready for the next chapter with clarity and conviction.

Join Me Beyond Small Talk!

After seven years of dedicated commitment to nurturing the GTB Facebook community, I'm ready to turn the page and embark on a fresh journey.

My focus now shifts towards rebuilding the Girls Talk Business website once again, but with an exciting addition: Beyond Small Talk with Ines.

This new venture is all about sharing the insights I've gathered on my own path to purpose and helping you uncover your own unique strengths with clarity and confidence.

If my journey resonates with you and you're eager to explore further, I invite you to join me as I breathe life into Beyond Small Talk with Ines and make a meaningful impact in this next phase of my journey.

Beyond Small Talk with Ines

Feeling inspired?

Ready to transcend conventional thinking and explore how self-discovery and personal empowerment can drive your business to new heights?

Than please join me at "Beyond Small Talk with Ines" to embrace your superpower and turn your dreams into reality.

Visit my website at Beyond Small Talk with Ines.

Follow me on my Facebook Page.

Connect with me on LinkedIn.

To learn more about working with me, book a 30-minute discovery session by emailing

Let's connect and begin your transformative journey today.

There's no better time than now to take the first step towards your true purpose!

Ines x

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