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Small Talk with Ines

Welcome to "Beyond Small Talk with Ines!


Embark on a journey of deep self-discovery and personal growth with Ines.

Discover who you truly are and align your passions with your professional goals, using insightful tools like the Enneagram of Personalities.


Join Ines in creating a life and career that resonate with purpose and authentic happiness.

Ines x

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Where are you on your journey to happiness?

"Are you truly happy?" This isn't just a casual question, but a gateway to profound self-discovery. In the hustle of daily life, genuine happiness can sometimes feel elusive, buried under the 'shoulds' and routines.


Unveiling True Happiness


If you find yourself hesitating or answering 'I don't know', feels like the closest answer, it might be time to look deeper. Together, we'll peel back the layers of surface contentment to reveal what true happiness means for you.

Why prioritise happiness in our lives?

 Happiness elevates us. It resonates at a higher frequency, transforming our daily experiences. When you're truly happy, life flows seamlessly. Confusion fades, clarity emerges, and everything feels effortless. This isn't just about feeling good; it's about unlocking a state of being that elevates your entire existence, both personally and professionally.


My Journey

My Path to Authentic Self-Value

In my earlier years, I thrived in dynamic social environments, from leading large online groups to participating in lively events. I believed these were the spaces where I came alive. However, my deep dive into the Enneagram of Personalities revealed something more profound. I wasn't just thriving; I was also seeking validation from others. This realisation was a turning point, leading me to a deeper understanding of authentic self-worth.

This journey, though challenging, taught me invaluable lessons about the true source of self-esteem and happiness. These insights are what I bring to my coaching practice. I've learned firsthand that genuine fulfilment and self-worth come from within, not from external accolades or approval.

Now, as a coach, I'm committed to guiding others on their path to self-discovery and true happiness. We'll work together to uncover and overcome the barriers in your life, helping you to live authentically and joyfully on your own terms.


My approach is about more than finding happiness; it's about empowering you to create a life of meaning and fulfilment, grounded in a deep sense of self-knowing and self-acceptance.



The Essence of True Happiness in Our Lives


Why should we prioritise happiness?

It's much more than a momentary emotion – happiness is a powerful state of being that enhances every aspect of our lives. It's about reaching our highest potential, where confusion is replaced with clarity and obstacles become stepping stones for personal growth.


True happiness isn't merely about experiencing joy momentarily; it's about fostering a way of living that deeply enriches both your personal satisfaction and your professional achievements.

Why Work With Me?

Enneagram Expertise

With over six years of immersive study and practical application, including a comprehensive workshop with the Chestnut Paes Enneagram Academy, I bring depth and empathy to my coaching.

Transformative Coaching Approach

Our sessions use the Enneagram to deeply understand your unique challenges, enhancing your emotional intelligence and self-awareness. This approach helps you navigate both personal and professional hurdles with confidence.

Personal and Professional Growth

Experience holistic growth as we work together to align your life with your true potential, using the insights and strategies gained from the Enneagram.

Choose to journey with me for a transformative experience that reshapes your approach to life and work.

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My Coaching Services

One-to-One Ultimate Coaching Package

Embark on a Focused One-Month Journey with Ines

  • Personalized Sessions: Tailored coaching based on your unique needs and goals.

  • Enneagram Insights: Deep dive into your behaviors and motivations for profound self-awareness.

  • Practical Strategies: Apply actionable steps for lasting personal and professional growth.

  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from continuous guidance to help navigate your path to success.

Outcome: Emerge with greater clarity, enhanced self-awareness, and practical tools that empower you to excel in both life and career.

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Embark on a Focused Three-Month Journey Collective Journey.

  • Collective Learning and Growth: Join a group of like-minded individuals on a 3-month journey of discovery and enlightenment, featuring bi-weekly sessions.

  • Structured for Deep Understanding: This program is crafted to encourage gradual comprehension and thorough exploration of key concepts, all within a supportive group environment.

  • Dynamic Interaction: Engage in thought provoking discussions and activities that enrich your learning experience, drawing from the collective wisdom and varied perspectives of the group.

Outcome: Gain insights and growth not just individually, but through the shared experiences and collective journey of the group.

Masterclass Group Package

Start Your 
Path to Authentic Happiness

Finding true happiness is a journey through layers of self-doubt, societal norms, and personal fears. In our coaching sessions, we embark on this path together. With the Enneagram of Personalities as our guide, we delve into understanding your emotional landscape.


This journey combines intuitive coaching with practical exercises and collective wisdom to help you discover your authentic self.

We'll tackle the challenges you face, whether in your career or personal life, aligning your actions with your core values and deepest desires. This process is more than just a quest for happiness; it’s about crafting a life that's in harmony with your truest self.


A life where personal satisfaction and professional achievement are intertwined

My Services



Ready to Start?


Connect with Ines and take the first step towards transforming your life and career.

Crazy Croatian

Pozdrav . Slicne( probuđene)  energije se privlače.  Tako je i bilo samnom i Ines.  
U komunikaciji sa Ines puno sam toga otkrio.  Pomogla mi je promjeniti nacin razmišljanja i naravno skupa smo uspjeli mene usporiti na više razina.  
Bio sam ubrzan , jako.  Mislim da je jako bitno da ljudi otvoreno i iskreno komuniciraju .   Tako pomažu i sebi i drugima.  Ines zna kako kvalitetno usmjeriti sugovornika.  Moja preporuka , svakako je , budite iskreni prema sebi i okolini.   

Sasha, CR

Ines has been an invaluable support to me. Her guidance and knowledge on self-awareness, patterns, and the underlying reasons behind my actions have been instrumental in my personal growth journey.

With a unique ability to both push and hold space with understanding, Ines strikes a remarkable balance between strength and compassion—a quality not often found. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her.
butterflies tr_edited.png

 Happiness is more than a feeling! 


It’s a state that elevates your entire existence.

Join us to find your path to true happiness and fulfilment. 

Take the Enneagram Test!

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