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Christine at the WaVE (Wisdom and Vitality Everyday) coaches to reset and sustain life-long Impact for her clients.

Her clients are leaders who want more impact AND more freedom. They felt alone as high achievers and wanted someone to support them in navigating their next big step into what is possible.

Our clients know how to create and sustain a Strategic life approach in leadership, relationships, and wellness. We focus on leaders' time and energy to create more creative leadership, connected relationships, and sustained wellness.

They also want to learn to self-coach in challenging situations at the next level. We wrote an ebook with multiple options and ideas to implement in your self-coaching:

We bring 50+ years of combined Business and Leadership experience and the research and science of today.

We have taken on challenges of all sizes, leading corporate initiatives for International organisations. We are passionate about people, family, human potential, personal inspiration, and happiness in our everyday lives.

Being present and available while juggling career/businesses, international travel, and personal lives—our health, partners, and family—while staying connected to ageing parents and being a loyal friend and sibling takes skill, courage, and commitment.

We have succeeded in every situation: C-Suite, International Projects, and Business Ownership. We bring that ability to you ... no matter how challenging the context, we will be catalysts for you to change you and your business to manage the situation. You deserve a future that feels aligned, and you can thrive.

Sarah and Christine have a range of accredited certifications in the art & science of business leadership (BBS/MBA): project and programme leadership, Health and Life Coaching, NLP, EFT, Yoga and mindfulness.

We coach individual leaders and run a personal growth experience with our clients to Thrive.

They learn how to leverage mindfulness and personal presence as leaders of their business and teams and their environments and situations everywhere.

They create routines and time and energy strategies that change their everyday experience in the business using their four energy tanks:

Body, Emotions, Mind and Inspiration

Start your self-coaching journey by reading our ebook.


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