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Turning Lessons into Focus

What if your lessons aren't painful but powerful?

I have learnt that our most painful periods in life are the ones we can learn from and apply to our everyday lives to create a sense of flow. We can learn to notice when we are in "survival mode." We learn to turn those lessons into a positive approach and action that propels what we want to become a reality.

When we know ourselves, body and brain, we believe and act when we learn and plan. We keep moving forward in our impactful steps.

Focused energy and steps to create impact in less time are the foundation of our work with our clients. We work with them to "flip the script" to create a flow in their everyday lives: business, wellness, and relationships.

What is your focus in 2024, and what's behind the goals?

We know many of us have health goals to lose weight, stop smoking, drink, or exercise more. Or to regain our wellness.

It's not just the goal but the energy we bring to it (thoughts and feelings) that creates change. What focus words for 2024... Values, strengths or meaningful words will keep you zoned in ...

Use the template below to transform the biggest Lesson from 2023 into three positive lessons to Guide Your Future.

I have included a video of my lessons and focus as an example.

At the WaVE we focus on supporting Business Leaders to bring their whole self into their leadership, wellness and relationships.

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