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How to Discover Your Purpose and Realise Your Worth

I want to share with you my personal journey of discovering my purpose and realising my value, and guide you on how you can embark on this transformative journey too.

Welcome to my latest blog post. My name is Ines, founder of Girls Talk Business and Beyond Small Talk. Today, I'm sharing my journey of discovering my purpose and realising my value, and how you can do the same.

This journey extends far beyond just discovering your passions. It's about creating a space in your life that aligns with your core values, setting the stage for you to build the business you've always envisioned. My aim is to encourage you to embark on a path of self-discovery and true alignment.

In today's world, an increasing number of people are in search of a life that's rich with meaning and purpose. This is precisely why I believe it's the right time for me to share my experiences and insights, offering you a shortcut to finding your own path to fulfilment.

To help you start, I've provided a link to a personality test below. If my story resonates with you, I invite you to book a 30-minute discovery call with me. Let's connect and explore how you can unlock your true purpose.

I look forward to helping you find your way to self-worth and business success.

Starting a Journey Towards Self-Value

Beyond Small Talk With Ines

My journey to find my purpose began with the timeless question, "Why?" This exploration deepened when I launched the GTB Facebook Group to support women in business. What began as a simple concept quickly evolved into an in-depth exploration of my role within the group, the unique value I could offer, and the significant impact I could make on a community that grew to include over 9,000 Facebook Members.

Through this experience I discovered I wanted a deeper meaning of my goals for the community and understand how I could genuinely engage to make a difference. Deciding to follow this path meant that any advice I gave had to come from a place of real understanding and be in line with my own strengths and true self.

Going Deeper: Searching for Real Happiness

While launching the Facebook Group, I was also immersed in my real estate career. This period sparked deep reflections on my purpose. Despite achieving success, I felt a profound emptiness, as though I was merely going through the motions. Initially, my curiosity about forming a Facebook community was simply to see what it would be like. However, I soon realised that this platform could serve as a means to delve into what brings happiness and fulfilment to others. Through this exploration, I hoped to uncover and understand my own sense of worth.

As the Facebook group grew, I found myself wanting to contribute in ways that truly matched my values and goals. This insight led me to look inward, to discover the unique value I could add, and to make sure my efforts were meaningful and aligned with my personal objectives. I learned through this journey that real value isn't found externally, but in what we can personally offer. This was the starting point of my deep self-reflection.

The Enneagram: A Tool for Self-Understanding

Enneagram of Personalities

During my exploration, I discovered the Enneagram of Personalities, an ancient tool that completely changed how I saw my motivations, fears, and desires. It explained why I felt restless in my career and personal growth, showing me my strengths and where I wasn't living according to my inner values. The insights from the Enneagram helped me choose a path that not only align with my natural state of being but also allowed me to focus of working from a place of joy every day.

Exploring my personality helped me discover my true talent and discover how I can help others. The journey with the Enneagram was so impactful that I spent six years mastering it, realising along the way that my calling is to assist others on similar paths.

Now, I'm fully committed to helping others find their true purpose and realise their own value.

If like me you are curious to find our more than I highly recommend taking the Enneagram Test. And if you are looking to decode your personality type then booking a discovery call with me to explore your type further.

Here's the link to * where you can complete the test.

Transforming Lives Through Insight

I've seen firsthand how understanding your personality can significantly change my clients' lives. For instance, one client, previously trapped in repetitive storytelling, learned to transform their narrative into a tool for inspiration, connection, and empowerment.

While another Type 7 realised their outward appearance of calm didn't match their internal turmoil, and now knows how to cultivate true inner peace.

And for another client, we tackled how their competitive nature Type 3 was pushing loved ones away and blocking the affection they really sought.

These shifts provided them with a deeper self-awareness, showing them areas where their lives were misaligned and pointing the way toward genuine contentment and fulfilment.

Inviting Others: Together on a Journey to Self-Worth

Beyond Small Talk With Ines

What excites me most about the work I do with clients is that it's grounded in proven methods and ancient wisdom, utilising tools like the Enneagram to uncover deeper meanings in life. These tools aren't just theoretical; they're practical, offering us pathways to understanding ourselves and our place in the world more clearly.

So, if you're pondering your life's purpose or questioning your inherent worth, I warmly invite you to join me on this voyage of self-discovery.

Our work together goes beyond reflection; it involves actionable steps towards realising the life you envision. Together, we'll apply insights from these time-tested methods, ensuring your daily decisions are in harmony with your deepest values and goals. We'll address any feelings of being stuck and identify obstacles, both seen and unseen. All I ask from you is an open heart and the courage to embark on this transformative journey

A Call to Change

As we work together, I'll meet you exactly where you are in your journey, with a keen focus on the narrative you've woven about your life. Our sessions will incorporate ancient wisdom, like the Enneagram, as a lens through which to view your story, offering deep breaths of insight, pauses for reflection, and moments to share in a way that rings true to your core self. This ancient tool helps us pinpoint where you might feel stuck—be it in your thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations—and identifies where blockages are impeding your path.

This integrated approach aims to clear the way for you to articulate your desires and needs more freely, ensuring that the energy you invest aligns with the life you genuinely wish to lead, rather than one you feel pressured into.

If you're ready to dive deeper into self-understanding and discover how you relate to the world with the guidance of ancient wisdom, I'm here to support you. Your first step is to engage with the Enneagram test.

If you're curious to learn more about your personality type, to unearth your strengths and challenges, and to carve out a path that truly represents who you are, then I encourage you to book a 30-minute discovery call with me.

Let's unlock your full potential together, empowering you to live with confidence and happiness.

*The link above is an affiliate link with This means that, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and purchase an assessment. You will be redirected from my website to

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