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How to revitalise your energy

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I'm celebrating today ... some of my clients and loved ones are hitting significant milestones in their business and leadership.

They believe in themselves and going after more significant impacts, so I thought I would share this post as a reminder that challenges matter for leaders as much as their impact.

No matter how successful we become, there are always more significant challenges and new opportunities ... our desires lead us there. So we are constantly challenged ... a part of life.

We all impact others by pursuing our inner desires; that's how the world works for the better.

The statistics about NZ's and the world's "Burnout" today keep coming... They are sobering. Is there shame or lack of acceptance in "naming it" for you or your team?

My experience over the past 30 years in leadership and coaching shows me that our thoughts about ourselves burn us the most. Are we believing or not believing in ourselves?

My thoughts burned me. I thought the situation burnt me in losing loved ones, heart surgery, cancer and stroke, big projects and goals, and starting and sustaining my own business. There was some clean pain, but my thoughts about myself were harder to shed. They just seemed like the truth: Should have, could have, didn't need to, wasn't good enough, not strong enough etc.

I worked on my personal growth and beliefs about the world and myself - so many of them felt awful, and I thought they were the truth.

The skills I developed in mindsets for courage, vitality, presence, time and energy management created the internal impact I wanted. Now I know that it isn't the situations or people around us that cause the internal burn ... it's us and our thoughts about ourselves.

Did I give up? No - because I returned to every challenge time and time again Did I find it challenging? Yes Do I regret how I handled any of it? Not now What is my impact now? I change leaders' lives and businesses with ripples of positive impact.

Business leaders deserve to enjoy each day and love their time with their teams and loved ones while they have a ripple impact too.

What are you believing, and what's the impact? Your career change or next project could be the impact the world needs from you, and you can learn how to create the courage you need.

I believe in you even when you don't.

My tips for when you don't?

  1. Spend time with someone who believes in you and will stretch you, describe in detail what you are doing to get where you want to be, and ask them to check in regularly with you to support you in any doubts and book regular times to keep on track.

  2. Write for 10 minutes about the impact of your business on your customers and the ripples of impact in their lives from your business.

  3. Spend time with loved ones in nature, move, breathe and know what is important in life - we are far stronger than we know.

At, we work with business leaders and owners individually and in our group Project Thrive, a 6-week progressive personal growth challenge to have a more significant impact ... everyday.

When we believe in ourselves, we are unstoppable.

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