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The V Zone for Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

A video for Vitality for Business Leaders

We know business owners are explorers and life-long learners, so the V-Zone explores a few minutes to reflect and consider a new approach to a current challenge or opportunity.

The thoughts we choose impact our level of Vitality at any given moment or day. However, this process is not always transparent to us. Especially if the thoughts are part of a pattern, we might think that we see the "truth"; however, most of our thinking is a deduction from facts, not the facts. When we have clarity in our thinking and our feelings, we can:

  • Revitalise ourselves on the fly

  • Be curious about our lower feelings and learn from them

  • Learn to traverse any feeling and do what it takes to get anything we want

When all those things happen our business changes and evolves as fast as we do. Money is created from our actions, they come from our feelings which come from our thoughts.

Simple, change the thinking and the results come... Ah but some of them are not clear for us to see or find and that is where perspective, experience and reflection to get your wisdom into your horizon. So you can create the horizon where you get your results.

Enjoy, and we would love to hear any feedback or suggestions on topics:

Being in business is hard!

As explorers leading explorers in their everyday experience, we have created easy! So stop just "desiring" change but create new habits that will bring your Everyday into reality without using "willpower."

We teach you how to stop being Overwhelmed and Navigate toward the thoughts and feelings and away from" the "Doing."

We show you how to step back and manage your Vitality, not your time, business, health, customers, or whatever. Do you think those "things" are the issue... What if they aren't the problem?

What if it's your thinking, feeling, and the way you show up that is the solution. It is an experience, not something to "learn."

2022 Vitality

Vitality is at the core of what we do, and we have been exploring how it lands in the real world. Vitality is:

The state of being strong and active; energy.

The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things

The opposite of Vitality is when we feel a lack of Aliveness and experience groundhog day everyday. If you experience this now and want your horizon to be different, it requires an investment in yourself.

You deserve it ... everything you imagine on your horizon for yourself, your business and your loved ones.

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