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Ripples of Certainty in Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Ripples from a fire
Catalysts for Certainty

One of my expectations when we started our business at The WAVE NZ was to have certainty in our direction, a goal and exact timing to hit it.

After spending many years as a Project/Programme Manager and CIO heading large projects in corporate life, I started a business and focused on getting predictable results (hit the goal!). I thought that was what I needed to do in a business.

That is true, and it's not.

I had heard the term "portfolio life", but it didn't sound that great - moving from one thing to the next and having to swap "trains of thought". I think I wanted more certainty in my day to hit my goal on time.

I have learnt that the "How" our business will grow and in what exact direction is uncertain. We can see that with some perspective (experience) ourselves or through collaboration with other people who can create that opportunity for us to see it.

Taking up or creating opportunities or discarding them (saying No!) and being willing to take up the biggest challenges in our life takes courage.

I'm a catalyst of courage because of my willingness to keep going when others would have quit (many suggested avoiding the things I learn most from in my life). Sometimes it's just the timing of the "success" that we can't predict... but we can believe in ourselves. We can stay true to our horizon and let it evolve as we grow and become more willing to be uncertain.

What I'm always practising is the courage to face my biggest fears and stay calm in uncertainty. We all have fears. We are all practising our "staying power" using courage for our next horizon. That is the CERTAINTY - ourselves and our willingness to do what is required.

Rather than gritting yourself with a "PUSH" effort, how could you give yourself a break and take the time to be creative? To calm your mind, focus on opportunities rather than challenges. Believe that you will get the results you seek, just maybe a bit differently that you expected.

The urgency, the anxiousness doesn't get us there faster. The curiosity of exploring another way to get where we want to be might. Portfolio business thinking could assist ... take 30 minutes to explore how that could look for your business.

Girls ... we all doubt ourselves... it's OK. We can all have our own backs AND ask for help.

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