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Updated: 5 days ago

It's like trying to make a really complicated recipe without the ingredients. You have to go and get ingredients first...or you will never make the amazing recipe you wanted in the first place!

Without a defined brand identity, establishing your website and projecting your business to the world is a much harder process.

"Brand design is an essential aspect of your company’s image and it has the potential to make a lasting impression in an instant. We make sure that we understand you and your business. Creating a brand with strong values and greater connections, that resonates with you and your target audience."

So many clients come to me asking for me to build them a website, and I always ask them...

  1. Do you have an established 'Brand Identity' for your business?

  2. Does your brand identity truely reflect your business?

  3. Does your brand identity resonate with you and your customers?

  4. Do you love it?

More often than not - the answer is "no". They simply have a logo (which IS NOT a Brand Identity) So we go back to the heart of your business, I ask fundamental questions that help me develop and refine your full Brand Identity Suite. From there we can really create some design magic!

Your full Brand Brand Identity Suite should include your:

• Brand Story

• Brand Personality

• Verbal Identity

• Visual Identity Suite

• Brand Style Guide


Fantail's Nest NZ is a premium boutique online children's store, offering a range of 2-in-1 pram nests, clothing and accessories. Handcrafted in New Zealand.

We refined their brand identity to elevate the brand for it to work cohesively with the business and their premium products.

WEBSITE: Once your brand identity has been established - only then can we start your website build!

If you need to establish/refresh your brand identity, or build a brand new website to promote your products to the world in 2024 - get in touch with The Bespoke Designer.

These are my free online workbooks to get you started!...

Let's create refine and design together!

Eloise (aka The Bespoke Designer)


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