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Sarah Davies joins Girls Talk Business as a GTB Leader.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I caught up with Sarah Davies from Sweet Spot Business Coaching a few weeks ago on Zoom.

Two weeks on, I still remember the question she asked me: When did you experience the most significant growth in your life? This type of question stops you in your tracks...doesn't it?

I remember pausing for a moment and then giving her my answer: When I stopped focusing on others and started working on myself.

I met Sarah about four years ago. We all know that Sarah is a great host of online coffee catch-ups. Sarah has been part of the Girls Talk Business Community and a trusted work colleague for a few years.

I had just started my discovery journey about the same time we met. I realised I wasn't all that good at spending time alone. Instead, I always loved to surround myself with other people. Was I distracting myself, probably?

When the pandemic hit, I took this opportunity to stop and refocus. I started spending quality time on my own. I discovered I liked it because it helped me figure out what I wanted.

Sarah and I have caught up many times throughout the four years we've known each other. She was the first person I thought to invite to deliver her already successful online Workshop to the Girls Talk Business Community. Sarah is one of those people that genuinely want to see you succeed, and she is a great person to have on your team.

I caught up with Sarah again yesterday. The timing felt right for both of us to discuss a collaboration. After four years, we are ready to use our skills and see each other succeed even further; that, to me, is a true collaboration.

I'm happy to announce that Sarah will be joining Girls Talk Business as a Trusted Business Leader. I'm also excited about the future and look forward to experiencing even more significant growth with her coaching skills.

Ines x

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Sarah Davies
Sarah Davies
06 ביולי 2022

Thanks Ines, I'm genuinely feel really privileged to be joining the team. Having been part of GTBNZ for a few years now, it's been exciting to see how the group has evolved and I know there is even more awesomeness to come........

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