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How your online personality can help define your social selling strategy

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Social Media Personality Quiz 2021

This quiz is meant to be a little bit of fun to learn more about your social media personality and how you interact with people online. I have rebooted it for 2021 from my first quiz a couple of years ago up on my website

But this time it is a little different as I have also made some recommendations on how your personality may suit a specific social sales strategy for your business as well. Have fun!

Firstly: What is social selling?

Nowadays, businesses can struggle with generating leads and let’s face it, nobody likes cold-calling (and receiving phone calls from cold-callers!). How do smart salespeople and B2B businesses stand out now? Through social selling techniques.

Social selling is when you use social media to find and engage with new leads. This can be through answering comments and questions and sharing content to help nurture new and potential customers through the buying process. It can also involve personal branding and social listening. It helps to develop that one-on-one relationship with potential customers and is primarily used for B2B businesses but can be used for coaches, consultants and advisors.


Erin asks for a recommendation for an accountant/bookkeeper in her local Facebook group. Lauren, who is an accountant/bookkeeper posts her Facebook page and website link in the comments, gives her some information about her business, and then asks Erin if she can follow up with a direct message. They then talk further in the DMs and set up a meeting to potentially start working together. Make sense?

Of course there are loads of ways to carry out social selling techniques that can really help you grow your business. But what techniques might suit and compliment your online personality and how you use social media everyday? Complete my quiz below and find out!

Choose the options which are most like your own behaviour or thoughts.

1. How often do you post on social media?

a) Hardly ever

b) Only when a big update is necessary

c) When my kids or family have done something great

d) When I need to have a rant or am annoyed at something

e) When I am wearing a super cute outfit

f) When I have just taken an amazing nature shot

g) Probably once a week at most!

2. What kind of content do you post about?

a) Post? I mostly observe and send Gifs to close friends

b) I share information about articles and events which I am involved with

c) Videos and photos of my kids and family or family holidays

d) I invoke discussion about issues which are important to me

e) Tik Toks, stories and Snaps to my friends and selfies out at parties and events

f) Arty and outdoorsy pics

g) Memes and regrams of viral images.

3. How big is your following?

a) Only my close friends on Facebook and Instagram. I have a private Instagram account

b) A reasonably sized following on Facebook and Instagram

c) A medium –ish following on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

d) I have a smallish following on Twitter and Facebook. I am an admin in a couple of Facebook groups

e) 1000+ followers on Instagram and Tik Tok (and counting!)

f) I don’t care about that kind of thing, therefore I don’t check. I’m all about showing my creativity

g) I don’t focus on numbers of followers.

4. What is your favourite social media platform or the one you use the most?

a) Messenger, Whatsapp,

b) Facebook or Instagram - I can't choose!

c) Facebook

d) Facebook Groups

e) Tik Tok, Snapchat or Youtube

f) Instagram


5. Do you like to get into heated discussions online?

a) I don’t really comment on anything, ever

b) Only if it’s something I truly believe in

c) If I am standing up for one of my family members or friends then yes

d) Yes, yes I do

e) If it sounds threatening or is misinformation then yes

f) I like to put a one word answer or an emoji

g) I avoid public confrontation at all costs on public social media.

6. Do you know what TikTok is and do you use it?

a) Yes, but I would never post one

b) Yes, but I don’t post them very often

c) Yes, I have heard of it, isn’t that the one that the kids are on nowadays?

d) No, come again?

e) Yes I post them daily

f) Yes, I post travel related TikToks or montages of different aesthetics I love

g) Yes, but I haven’t gotten around to learning how to use it

7. What do you think social media should be used for primarily?

a) To kill time and entertain me

b) Connecting people

c) Keeping in touch with friends and family

d) For social change

e) Influencing people

f) Sharing art and creativity

g) To learn new skills

8. How would YOU describe your personality online?

a) I’m not sure I have one, I just observe

b) I am very supportive to causes and events that inspire me

c) Friendly and helpful

d) I aim to say what everyone else is thinking but they are too afraid to post

e) My online persona is fire 100% of the time

f) It changes a lot

g) I think I’m pretty social? But only when I feel like it

9. How often do you check social media?

a) Only when I have nothing better to do

b) Only when I am posting something

c) Once or twice a day, I have days off when I need to ‘detox’

d) A lot. Especially when I’m involved in a long discussion

e) All the time

f) Late at night, or early in the morning

g) When I post something, but then I often forget to reply and engage

10. What did you do before social media existed?

a) I liked to be at home watching DVDs

b) I used to walk down the street until I saw someone I knew

c) I met up with friends and family in shopping malls

d) I hung out at my local cafe

e) You would have found me in da club

f) Painting, drawing & photography

g) I used to read a lot (I still do!)


Mostly As –Zombie

Mostly Bs – Tortoise

Mostly Cs – Magpie

Mostly Ds – Lion

Mostly Es – Peacock

Mostly Fs – Fox

Mostly Gs – Unicorn

Personality Profiles & Your Potential Social Selling Strategy


Often you observe on social, scrolling through, looking at friend's photos, stories and updates but not engaging in any way.

You like observing and searching, but don't engage too often.

You feel safer and more secure with only a select number of friends that is added to only so often.


Use your personal networks via more private messaging apps like Facebook messenger and Instagram direct message. Set up your ‘close friends’ on Instagram and craft content about your business to share to them so that they can pass it on.


Strong and steady.

Posts (but not too often). The posts you do share appear to be well thought out.

Have been on Facebook from the beginning.

You have been a strong witness to and taken part in the evolution of Facebook and social media.


Spend time commenting in Facebook groups on matters in which you feel strongly about. Use the ‘search function’ to find conversations relevant to your niche. Strike up conversations with ideal clients. Utilise LinkedIn and optimise your personal profile for selling as well.


Known for having a complex social life

Vocal, friendly and smart

Often shares a lot. May be susceptible to sharing too much information, for example personal information about kids and family.


Use your love for sharing anything and everything about what is going on in your life to springboard your personal branding. Make sure your personal pages are optimised for selling as well as your business ones and that you are representing your brand in an authentic way.

Be careful about asking permission for some content you post from the people involved in the content.


You like to get into heated discussions online.

Passionate. You will stand up for what you believe in.

You aim to inspire people to take action and instigate new ways of thinking.


With your passion for change and discussion, think about starting your own Facebook group, or your own TikTok account dedicated to certain important aspects to do with your industry.


You may be addicted to your phone. You are most probably on most platforms including Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. You always strive to get the perfect shot to get likes.

You may have a need and a want for a large amount of engagement and to influence people. A ‘trend-setter’.


Get involved in trending topics on your chosen platforms and use your need to influence others to work with different brands that relate to and compliment your personal brand. Follow, like and engage with brands' content and give shout outs and remember to tag them when you have visited or brought from them.


You like to comment randomly. You may like to stay elusive and mysterious.

You may post outdoorsy, nature inspired pics and arty pics.


Due to your somewhat online ‘aloof’ personality, you could benefit from spending most of your time making amazing content! In other words make your content, one-off, unique and REALLY stand-out. Are you ready for it? Go hard!


You are every active on social media at times but then ‘magically’ disappear or go offline.

You may have started a whole lot of accounts but may not have kept up with them and maintained them.

YOUR SOCIAL SALES STRATEGY: If your personal use of social media is sporadic, this may mean that you need to make sure you are batching your social media business content at the beginning of each month, and be sure to make happy customer stories a big part of your content. Practice ‘light selling’ techniques like, favouriting, sharing and liking potential customer's content and only messaging back if they initiate the conversation first.

What is your online personality and it's symbol? This is only a taster of some social selling techniques you can use to grow your business. To find out how I can help you, contact me today.

Catherine Ockenden

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