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Girls Talk Business Value in Action Points - GTB Leaders Retreat Initiative.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Our GTB Leaders Retreat in January 2023 uncovered valuable insights for all of us who attended the event, both personally and professionally.

During the retreat, the implementation of Value in Action points for the GTB Community was identified as one of the most exciting ideas.

I am passionate about creating a business community where everyone feels included and supported. I realised that one of the biggest challenges I faced as a leader was understanding the needs and wants of the GTB Community. My goal at the retreat was to better understand the direction of Girls Talk Business for the next 12 months.

To achieve this, it was essential to establish the values and beliefs of Girls Talk Business. This will not only contribute to the brand image and reputation, but more importantly, it will give our GTB Leaders, GTB Members, and our GTB FB Community a structure and direction. By aligning the values and strategies with our objectives, we can serve as a guideline for the mindsets and behaviours of our community, so that we can better accomplish our goals together.

I am excited to share the GTB Value in Action points with you, and I want to encourage you to use them wherever possible in your life and business. I hope they inspire you to achieve your dreams. I am confident that they will help us continue growing and thriving as a community.

You are welcome to share how these values inspire you and help your business as the year goes on.

Ines x


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