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Creative Harmony - yes please!

Updated: Jun 17

We like to think of it as a beautiful working relationship between Designer and Client.

We strive for it and advocate it - for us to work together. A Designer and a Client attempting to work together without creative harmony, is ultimately going to hit some 'road blocks' along the way.

What does 'creative harmony' look like for a design studio and how do we find it?

We get to know you - and you get to know us. We always request a 'Creative Discovery Call' or 'Creative Studio Meeting' with every client that comes to us. This is a great first step to go beyond the initial email enquiry. I LOVE these calls - it's a bit like speed dating (but with more time). Never underestimate the power of a good Zoom call or in-person meeting. We are about creating 'greater connections'. If online video calls give you the 'heebie-jeebies', I highly recommend reaching out to the incredible ladies in the Girls Talk Business group who focus on helping you 'shine online' (especially Ines).

We ask the right questions. Every design studio will have a different onboarding style and process. We have had years of experience to be able to refine ours. Whether you are seeking to build a brand identity for your business, create incredible product packaging or showcase everything in an elevated website...we have our (free) online Q&A workbooks ready to get your started.

We build a bespoke project proposal for your business. You haven't said "yes" yet to working with us...but we know you're thinking about it!. At this stage, we have introduced each other, shared our goals and visions and ideally some light hearted banter along the way. We have now gathered the right information to really understand you and your business, enabling us to get your bespoke project proposal and quote absolutely spot on!

We say "YES" say "YES" (*). We then commence our beautiful and harmonious creative journey together, with you knowing that your business design requirements are in very professional and reliable hands!

Because our design journey with you is a fully immersive one (we like you to be involved in the creative process), we strive for a great designer-client relationship, that we hope to keep. Because of the 'creative harmony' we are always going to go above and beyond, we will always be checking in post project completion, and we will always be here to help!

Your business is truely unique and our creative journey together will be too.

(*) It's also OK to say "no" by the way! You should never feel pressured to work with a designer that doesn't resonate with you...but do find one that excites you to take your business to the next level!

Book a one hour (free) 'Creative Discovery Call' directly with me, I would love to learn more about you, your business and your design requirements.

Eloise - Creative Director at The Bespoke Designer

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