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Collaboration - The Supportive Value.

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Hello GTB Ladies!

The hot topic of the month is ‘COLLABORATION’ and YES…it can be a wonderful experience if it’s right for you!

Ines and I have been on a deep journey of collaboration with Girls Talk Business for over 2 years now. I inquisitively responded to a call for help from Ines for a WIX Website Specialist and after an incredible Zoom chat delving into the finer details of the project requirements, our creative collaboration began. We have worked together to establish a completely new brand identity and website for all of the GTB Members to 'L.E.A.P' (Learn, Engage, Action and Promote) and unleash their business potential!

I completely understand that the term ‘collaboration’ potentially angers or puts the fear into some people, but this was exciting…I had some seriously positive tingly feelings about this!


Our initial zoom chat was important for so many reasons, each of us were very clear on the project and our skill sets to be able to elevate each other - it also meant we were able to see how we were able to communicate with each other.

Talk about:

  • Your ideas…discuss your project plans and future scope of the project

  • How you can collaborate together

  • Both of your expectations

  • Project timeframe

  • Confirmation - either a ‘yes’ or ’no thank you’ at this point will help both parties move forward.

To be honest…I think we both instantly knew that we would be a great collaborative fit for each other and we haven't looked back. The support and value we offer each other has only grown (never diminished). I don't take collaboration lightly, it involves time, dedication, a use of your harnessed wealth of professional knowledge and skills.

The support that Ines has for me goes beyond Girls Talk Business. She has become a powerful advocate for me and The Bespoke Designer. We rarely go a week without communicating, we check in, we’ve worked through horrific natural disasters and have celebrated some seriously epic business milestones.

If you get some exciting tingly feelings when you have the opportunity to collaborate, maybe you should respond to that post…you never know where it might take you, or the friends you will make along the way that will whole heartedly support you in your own business journey.


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