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A Poem "My Way/My Business"

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I wrote this "poem" thinking about business and owners. So many women out there with their businesses, the challenges, the opportunities and the horizon of what is next.

My business elevates me, and I love her

I am distraught when I let her down

On good days I'm the secret ingredient and the power

Others I hold too tight, resist, abandon and bully myself

It's a learning curve, loving a business

Get a job, they say; it's too much stress

I'll not abandon her; I will love us both through it all

My dreams are big; my business is my brainchild

Every step is an exploration of my way

I choose me now, the horizon and my way everyday

I hope you love your business and your everyday. We know that businesses are reflections of the everyday and long term vitality of their owners. We love to see business owners thrive, not just survive.

When we manage our thinking, feelings and actions, we thrive, and so do our results. We slow down, we are creative, we learn our way, we inspire people around us, and we enjoy the business of being in business. We are willing to change and change our businesses for reasons we like. We reap the results we imagine.

We are Vitality Catalysts - Coaches who make a difference in your business and personal life.

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Written by Christine Jull for The WAVE

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