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How to build a successful Facebook Group

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Three years ago, I decided I was going to create a Facebook Group for women in business. I called this group Girls Talk Business NZ, and off it went. Since then, the group has grown to over 8000 members, with new members joining every day.

At the time, it was important to provide a platform where women had an opportunity to come together and share their stories and voice what was really on their minds.

Because let's face it, women love to help

others and we all know running your own business can be challenging. Still, it can feel so much easier when you don't feel like you are doing it on your own. Join a group can help you overcome those feelings and provide you with a sense of belonging.

Below you will find a few things I discovered worked for me when I created my Facebook Group Community.

The do's and don't to create a successful Facebook group.

More and more people are finding value in growing a Facebook Group community to bring people together. It's a great way to promote yourself and your business to the right audience. Below, you will find some do's and don't which can help you create a more engaging group.


  • Create a name that speaks to your audience

  • Start with inviting your friends

  • Create a message - telling your audience what your group is about

  • Ask your members what they want

  • Share your story and tell your audience what your vision is

  • Create great conversation and post regularly

  • Join other groups: start "conversation" with people in other groups

  • Start blogging and sharing your blogs in your group


  • Share your group link in other Groups; this is a no, no. Even if you think you are going to create the most awesome group ever.

  • When you are commenting in other groups, don't post comments telling people to join your group. It's unfair to the person who owns the group, and you wouldn't appreciate someone doing this in your group.

Here are a few things you should think about before you create your Facebook Group

Identify the purpose of your group?

  • Is your group about YOU, or is it for THEM?

  • Are you providing a platform for EVERYONE to offer feedback and ask questions?

  • Does your group work together to provide advice and information?

Do you know your target market?

Do you know who you want to talk to and attract to your group? Remember, not everyone is your market, you will have much more fun, and your group will do well when you attract the right audience.

  • Who is your ideal person?

  • What is important to you/them?

  • What is the solution you are providing?

  • How are you going to keep your audience engaged?

  • What is the message you want to convey?

Is your FB Group Name important?

The answer is Yes!!!

Create a name for your group that stands out; this will help you build your audience. Here are a few things to consider when creating a name for your group.

  • Make it about them, not you.

  • What problem are you solving?

  • What will you help them do?

  • What will they get in your group?

How do you get people to join your FB Group?

  • Engage in other groups. It's one of the best ways for people to learn about you and what you do.

  • Add your group name to your personal profile. People search personal profiles when you make comments in other groups. to find out more about you.

  • Make sure your group is engaging because people have a certain amount of time dedicated to Facebook group interactions. Otherwise, people won't have a reason to stay.

  • No doubt, we would prefer to get more members through referrals. Ensure you have the right formula so your existing members tell their friends about your group. If you are not receiving referrals, ask your members to share your group with their friends.

  • Once your group shows lots of engagement, Facebook algorithms automatically push your group as a recommenced group. One way to make sure this happens is to post lots of engaging posts.

How do you keep members coming back to your group?

Ok, so now you have a few members, and your group is starting to grow in numbers. Consider how you will engage with your members and encourage them to post and make comments. Because members will stay and engage in your group if they know they can trust you and those in the group, so make sure you are building trust in everything message you post. And remember, there are many groups out there, so think about what will make your group stand out from all the rest?

Consistency is the answer, don't give up!!!

Your Facebook Groups will need regular care and attention. It's important to understand that the more attention /love you give your group, the closer you will get to growing a successful Facebook Group.

  • Growing a FB group takes time and is not easy.

  • Know your message, know what you want to say, and keep saying it

  • Engaging with your audience, no matter how small your group might be

  • It's not the size of your group that is important; it's the engagements

  • Take care of the members who have joined your group, and ask them what they want

What is a thriving, successful Facebook Group?

You can measure how successful a Facebook Group is by the participation and engagement in Your Group.

Do you need help with your Facebook Group? Then reach out, and we can have a chat about how we can collaborate to grow your audience.

You can find me here or in the Facebook Group.

Ines x

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