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What Are Notion Templates?

If you’re just getting started with Notion understanding what Templates are can make your journey a whole lot smoother. In this blog I will cover everything you need to know about Templates including what they are and how you can use them.

So, What Exactly Are Notion Templates?

Think of Notion Templates as pre-made structures for your pages. Instead of starting with a blank slate each time, these templates give you a head start.

They come with predefined layouts and features tailored for different uses. You can find a template for almost anything. Some include advanced blocks like tables and databases, where as some are more basic and include simple headings and prompts.

How Do I Find Notion Templates?

Finding Notion Templates is easy. You can buy them from platforms like Etsy, Creative Market or from me on Contently So. Alternatively Notion offers basic Templates on their app, when you're making a new page, just click on "Templates" in the sidebar. There, you'll find a bunch of templates from Notion and their affiliates. Finding templates made specifically for small business owners is hard, luckily that is what I specialise in!

Is Using Notion Templates Safe? Who can access my data?

Once you have duplicated a Notion template to your account it is completely secure, and the source from which you downloaded it will not be able to access the page in any way. A template basically is a ‘copy & paste’ of information from one place to another. However, if you are working on a shared page or link, the owner will be able to see the changes you make, here are the options for publishing a Notion page to the web.

As you can see, when the only option is ‘Allow duplicate as a template’ whoever has the link will not be able to edit or comment on the page, changes can only be made when it is duplicated into your personal Notion account. Meaning that when you duplicate a Notion page the owner ship changes to you and you are free to edit and data as you want, without the provider seeing.

Why Are Templates Cool?

The best part about Notion Templates is that you can make them your own. Even though they come with a suggested layout, you can change things up to fit your needs. Add or remove sections, tweak the layout and changes the text colours.

What's in It for Me?

  • Saves Time: No need to start from scratch each time. Templates give you a head start, saving you time.

  • Keeps Things Consistent: If you like things to look the same, templates are your friend. They keep everything consistent.

  • Boosts Efficiency: Use templates made for specific tasks – it's like having a helper for different parts of your life.

DIY Templates:

If you have a way you like things set up, you can create your own templates. Once you've made them, you can save them for later use. You can also create pre formatted templates for individual pages in your Notion page… I can explain this in another blog.

How do I get the Template into my personal Notion account?

Once you have the link to the template, simply click on it for it to open in your browser. It may prompt you to log into you Notion account. A preview of the Notion template will show, then click ‘Duplicate’ in the top right hand corner. Here are some examples -

In Conclusion:

Notion Templates save you SO much time, you can download one and start inputting your information instantly. Gone are the days where you have to sit and create a whole system on your own. I suggest you take a moment to explore different templates offered, see what specific need you need one for ie. Brand Identity storage, Content Calendar or a Project & Task dashboard, and see how they can make your Notion experience better.

I believe every piece of content should have its place, and when it does, you're free to work and be more productive, saving you time and providing you clarity in your actions.

If you need help with digital planning, I build content databases and system tailored specifically to your needs.

Reach out, i’d love to have a chat about what you need to be your best, most efficient self!

You can contact me at

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