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Want your business to be "hot"?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

How do we create a hot business?

An Impactful Five people in our lives who inspire us have huge IMPACT.

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”, Jim Rhon.

If we can surround ourselves with people who inspire us every day because they affect how we think, how we feel, the decisions we make and the action we take.

Have you considered having a personal board (champions for your personal progress) to uplevel your Inspiration?

Our Inspiration can come from seeing a way to overcome a challenge, see options we haven’t considered and new opportunities. Inspiration can be in the small or the large focus areas of everyday. It could be seeing how we could be, what we could do or how we want to do something in our lives. A personal board can help us to remember what Opportunity or Inspiration we can create for ourselves. They can also support us when things aren't going well.

The Impactful Five

Those who help us evolve who we are, what we do and how we do it are our Impactful Five. We know that the time we spent with the people we find inspiring helps us every day.

We see five focuses in the everyday:

  • Connections (people and ourselves)

  • Money

  • Role (profession, business, parent, focus etc.)

  • Inspiration (spirituality etc.)

  • Vitality (wellbeing)

Throughout our lives, we have many opportunities, challenges and much Inspiration. However, if we wish to improve our ability to make more IMPACT in our lives for ourselves, we need positive, impactful people to share and stretch ourselves.

An IMPACT Challenge:

Reflect on the five areas; Check-In - do your current connections include five people who stretch you in each focus area?

We can value and receive much support from those who love us. It's great to be loved unconditionally. However, our loved ones look through the lens of keeping us safe and making life easy. It can be easier to “stay safe” because that is what our loved ones may say. Their intentions are kind, but they don’t want us to struggle or be “scared” or “sad” or “unhappy”.

We often have several people who have an Impact and Inspire us. First, they inspire us through stretching us to be bette, wipe our tears but help us remember why we are doing it. Second, we love their willingness every day to keep moving forward and invest their energy into that momentum, no matter the struggle.

The people who inspire us to do that are the wings of Inspiration when we falter in the face of overwhelm, overthinking and overindulging. Instead, we can choose the desire to keep moving forward as a source of Inspiration, evolve: do me, what’s me and how I do it.

We want that Inspiration to be reciprocal, a two-way street that provides that stretch to each party.

Finding my Impactful Five:

How do we find our Impactful five?

It’s not about feeling Inspired every day; it’s about knowing we support ourself


Everyday Focus Areas:

  • Connections (people and ourselves)

  • Money (financial wellbeing)

  • Role (profession, business, focus etc.)

  • Inspiration (spirituality etc.)

  • Vitality (mental and physical wellbeing)

Four steps to recruiting your Impactful Five.

  1. Consider your satisfaction level in each everyday focus area (1 low -10 high)

  2. Name your Impactful person for each focus area

  3. Where you already have a person identified

    1. Explain the concept of your personal board

    2. Tell them what you desire from them

    3. Ask what they wish from you

    4. Agree on which desires you can satisfy for each other

    5. Discuss and agree on how this support will be best provided

  1. If you have a focus area where you do not have an impactful person

    1. Consider what you want from this person – what is the focus of the Inspiration you are seeking and the result you could achieve together

    2. What can you provide in return?

    3. Identify some new people who could meet your desires*

    4. Approach them by telling them what it is about them that inspires you and your concept of a personal board

    5. Follow the steps in #3

*Talk to peers, friends and family for ideas


You are the driver of your business and when you evolve and are capable of doing bigger things you will have more impact.

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