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Sustaining a flow state with time

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Does time disappear because you are in a flow state?

Time; often, we get busy with clients and projects. We often reflect on how we handle tasks and actions and how we could do them better. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a "flow state". Flow state is our optimal performance zone "Thrive Zone"

In an attempt to get a better flow, we keep returning to the discipline required and feel frustrated with ourselves and the “so much to do.”

When dealing with people with lots of time on their hands, such as retired families, we often hear about the busy day they had planned. If we ask them what they were doing, they talk about the two appointments they had to attend.

Meanwhile, we might reflect on the 11 meetings we had that day.

Those 11 meetings can show how ridiculous our calendar has become. Perhaps we have no time for thinking or planning unless we work more hours – which we do! Then we are too tired to make effective decisions or sleep properly. What a vicious circle!

Retired people have a better way of managing their time!

Free Time?

The more freedom we have, the more we fill it with “stuff”. So it’s great to have a mental cleanout of where our time goes now and again to make sure we are spending it in the way that works for us best.

I love the story of the rocks, sand and water – if you don’t know it watch this video, it’s only a couple of minutes long.

Foundations – Rocks

I practice yoga, walk, journal and meditate every day. My morning health routine is the first thing I do every day. I learnt the hard way what my priorities in life are.

My rocks are my Family, friends, husband, and health routine. My sand is my clients, my travel, my home, my network, and my water is scrolling, watching TV and those other pleasures with little long-term value.

Allocating Time

I keep two things in sync when allocating activities for my day or week.

  1. My calendar. I book my time out in this order:

    1. Rocks: My daily routine for my well-being

    2. Sand: Family, friends, and time with my husband

    3. Sand: Clients and other appointments in my business.

  2. My Tasks are tracked alongside my calendar to see at a glance so I can fit them in weekly and daily. (I use Google, but anything easy for you is excellent)

Whatever method we use, allocating our calender well is a discipline. We must notice when we drop a habit and review it to keep learning and evolving. There is no substitute for being a great time self-leader. If we are great time managers, we have spent our life well.

Make it Easy?

It’s not as simple as beating ourselves up to manage better. Some layers are holding us back in how we use our time. These layers of why we can't sustain a new diary system or stay away from our phones are the crux of how we can get into the "Thrive Zone" and sustain a state of flow in our business and life.

I can show you the layers – get in contact or read about more ideas on our website.

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