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Prioritised for Proactivity

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Hello GTB Ladies!

Are you thinking about fine-tuning your business branding? I've absolutely taken the time to review my own design business and how I manage my creative work flow and systems, which in turn, means that I can create super effective and immersive design projects with my clients (yep - that’s YOU!)

You could say I’ve taken all of my ingredients (daily tasks) and created the most easy to follow recipe (schedule ) to make my work day delicious!

I have 'prioritised for proactivity'…I have learned what I love, learned what I want and learned what I can offer my clients to give them the best possible experience working with me.

I have always professed that each client is as unique as their business…and it’s definitely true from the perspective of my Graphic Design chair. No client or project has ever been the same.

Our initial (free) consultation, whether it be via Zoom or in person…starts an incredible journey of exploration and discovery. For a Full Branding Package, I reserve a whole week for each client. I physically block out a full project into my calendar and then I break down the brand project requirements into a more detailed schedule that I share with my client. With over 20 years experience in design, I know how I like to work to be the most proactive, creative and immersive that I can be.

Then we CREATE!

I spend a couple of days, my head an explosion if ideas. First sketching (always by hand first in my trusty notebook), working up selected designs into vector images, then carefully selecting colour palettes to evoke a sense, to convey the desired message for your brand,

Then we REFINE!

As the business owner - your input is crucial to this stage of the process. Your brand proposal will always come with a focused selection of logo concepts for us to talk through, but you will have the final choice.

Then we DESIGN!

This stage gives us the opportunity to finalise your chosen logo concept with the potential to expand your brand collateral.

Sounds exciting right?! Our journey very rarely ends here…I am always here for my clients to help them expand their business further in as many ways possible. From marketing material, to product labels and websites..I’m here for you!


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2 Σχόλια

Ines Curin
Ines Curin
01 Φεβ 2023

love your work Eloise, and love this blog. 😍

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Eloise Condron
Eloise Condron
01 Φεβ 2023
Απάντηση σε

Thank you Ines :)

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