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Motivation and numbers in business

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

What do you think about your business numbers?

Is a number a fact, right? It's' just a number. Let's look at how our focus and impact create our results.

How much we weigh, how much we sold this month in our business, and our running costs.

I have been an auditor and business owner, working in technology and finance with multi-million projects.

I talk to people who use numbers regularly to beat themselves up with their thoughts. I hear things like:

I’m useless at sales

This recession is going to make everything worse

My business is too busy and we can’t cope with the volume we have

Our thoughts always create our focus … our focus and our time make our impact.

Whether we communicate to a board, ourselves or our team, we control how we feel by what we think about the numbers.

Numbers are neutral, and our thoughts create the story that drives how we connect to other people. We can communicate with fear, desperation or frustration, withdraw, or feel pride, logic, calm, and solution-focused and learn as we go.

A number is a number, and lessons help us, but beating ourselves up doesn't.

So next time you see a number that doesn't feel great, check your thinking and start seeing the opportunities now rather than enlarging the challenges in how you think.

But don't worry, you are like me and like all the other humans, we all have doubts - we are wired to have them.


Motivation comes from our thinking... so waiting for it won't work. We can change how we think though... and hence how we feel.

The following patterns are good to see and understand - we all experience them at times ... We humans do that. So it's OK. It's just brains working at keeping us safe.


Overwhelming Yourself

Jumping to Conclusions


Undervaluing the Rewards


Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Fear of Disapproval or Criticism

Coercion and Resentment

Low Frustration Tolerance

Guilt and Self-blame

Credit for the motivation patterns to:

If you want to reprioritise your brain then check out my last workshop on quiet courage:

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