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Girls Talk Business January 2024 Newsletter!

Welcome to the January edition of the Girls Talk Business Newsletter!

I'm thrilled to be back! In this issue, find out how to promote your business in our GTB Facebook Group every Friday to our 9300 GTB Facebook Members. Get inspired by insights from our GTB Premium Members.

Read my recent blog, "How I Turned My Dream into a Reality - and You Can Too!" Learn about our leader-led workshops, such as organizing your systems and showing up as your best self. Plus, there's much more to explore.

Get ready for an exciting newsletter! We'll share valuable insights, inspiring stories, and dive into what makes Girls Talk Business an empowering and lively community.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead! Ines


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Laia Sastre - Elevate Business Management

Elevate Business Management - Laia Sastre

As I return to work, I wanted to share with you 4 things I am taking with me into 2024:

1. Trusting my intuition and being unapologetically me, in all areas of my life. Authenticity being my mojo to be and create!

  2. Trusting that I will be ok, no matter what. My journey is a proof of resiliency and growth, and in the end, every situation I've lived has seen me being better. So after a tough year, knowing this will support me ridding the highs and lows that 2024 will bring.

 3. Choosing love over ego. Love being the force that drives me forward, I couldn't do it other way!

 4. Having a focus on doing more of what gives me joy, doing what I've been naturally gifted with. My goal is to operate in my area of genius across all areas of life, having fun!

Life is a constant work-in-progress, and 2023 has seen me grow heaps.

What are you taking with you in the new year? Is there anything that you are leaving behind?

Feliz Año Nuevo, everyone!

Posted in our GTB Facebook Group


How I Turned My Dream into a Reality - and You Can Too!


Girls Talk Business - Ines Curin

Hello, I'm Ines Curin, founder of Girls Talk Business. I'm excited to share a part of my recent journey to Croatia. Join me as I recount "How I Turned My Dream into Reality - and You Can Too!" I'll share how I overcame the fear of expressing my dreams and discovered the power by simply dreaming out loud. I hope this inspires you to become a strong dreamer because there's a certain magic that happens when you do, and you never know what unexpected surprises may unfold for you along the way.


Girls Talk Business is here to support you. Through workshops and networking, GTB centres its mission around the L.E.A.P approach: Learn, Engage, Action, and Promote.

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The Art of Digital Planning -

Introduction to Organising Your Systems

Wed, 31 Jan | 9:00 am – 10:00 am | Virtual Event

Contently So. - Sasha Curin

In this session, Sasha will discuss practical strategies to organise your desktop, keeping it clean and organised boosting your productivity. Plus, she'll share tips on managing files efficiently so you can save, categorise, and access content with ease.


A Dynamic Storytelling Workshop

with TV Presenter Monique Bradley

 Wed, 21 Feb | 9:00 am – 10:00 am | Virtual Event

MC & TV Presenter - Monique Bradley

Join TV presenter, keynote speaker and communication specialist Monique Bradley for this fun and engaging storytelling and workshop experience.


Through her years of expertise in theatre, media, and communication, Monique will lead you on a transformative exploration of authenticity: how to show up as your best and brightest self.





At Girls Talk Business, we provide exclusive opportunities designed with your success in mind.


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Don't miss out – these opportunities are reserved exclusively for our members! Your journey to success starts with Girls Talk Business.


Every month, we embrace a value word, leveraging it to uplift our community through our Facebook Group and on LinkedIn. For January, our chosen value word is "fun." Incorporating fun into our work not only adds joy but also raises the overall vibration within our community. Here's how this value word can elevate your energy in your work and when posting on social media. Ask yourself these three questions:


  1. Did The Task Bring You Joy?

  • Ensure each task brings joy. If it lacks that spark, find a way to infuse fun into it.

  1. Will Others Enjoy Reading This?

  • Consider your community. Will your post bring a smile or joy to others? Tailor your content for a positive experience.

  1. Is Fun the Vibe?

  • Assess if your post radiates a fun and positive vibe. It's contagious!

I've absolutely embraced the spirit of "fun" in my business this January. It's a refreshing reminder not to take myself too seriously and to rediscover the joy in my work. By weaving "fun" into our interactions and tasks, we're not just enjoying the process; we're injecting genuine joy into our business, making the results more fulfilling.

The impact of our January value word, "fun," is remarkable. It heightens the energy within our group, keeping our members engaged, and serves as a valuable nudge to incorporate more fun into our business journey. Give it a shot, and let's keep the fun flowing!


Meet Helen Corban, a vibrant member of our community, dedicated to success through "coaching for success" and "celebrating relationships." Helen is an expert in time management, leadership, and personal development.

Reach Potential - Helen Corban

Her coaching approach focuses on empowering individuals for confidence and joy. Offering a variety of programs, from Business Growth Acceleration for ambitious entrepreneurs to Outlook/Gmail Mastery courses ensuring email control, Helen's commitment extends to a free Facebook Group for busy women entrepreneurs and diverse Leadership & Personal Growth courses.

With an extensive background in coaching and training, Helen emphasizes collaboration and the building of a high-quality network with shared values. Cheers to Helen's dedication to growth and success!

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