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A Dynamic Storytelling Workshop with TV Presenter Monique Bradley

Get ready for an invigorating journey filled with storytelling and workshop activities. Monique Bradley, with her rich experience in theatre, media, and communication, will lead us through a transformative journey of authenticity.

Welcome to our latest workshop in the Girls Talk Business. In this special webinar, we were thrilled to host TV presenter, keynote speaker, and communication expert Monique Bradley.

Learn how to showcase your best and brightest self in every aspect of life. This one-hour interactive session is a unique chance to step into a world where being your true self is not only accepted but is also the key to personal and professional growth.

Here is a Sneak Peek featuring Monique Bradley, where she unveils an innovative 'Brain Break' technique.

This snippet offers a glimpse into the unique methods Monique uses to tackle overwhelm and mental blocks. Discover how simple actions, like a targeted ear massage, can stimulate your vagus nerve and transform your mental state. Perfect for speakers, teachers, or anyone seeking a quick mental refresh.

Snippet: Brain Break Hack

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