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Girls Talk Business

This inclusive space was created just for you wherever you are in your business journey.

We'd love you to sign up to our website, its free to join and connect with our incredible network of businesswomen.  We're here to help you build your brand and business presence by providing you with opportunities to engage with other women in business, learn from our leaders, and promote your business.

I am passionate about supporting women in business, because when one woman succeeds, we all succeed!

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GTB Memberships will open again soon!

it's  free!



The 'Members Lounge' is FREE to join. It is your online ‘directory’ where you’ll find a network of incredible women at different stages of their business journeys to connect, follow and collaborate with. 


Learn more by unlocking The Vault, here you will find a selection of curated assets, resources, videos and exclusive offers from our GTB Leaders and Guest Leaders. 


This is a goldmine of invaluable resources to support your business journey and it’s FREE once you sign up to our website.

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We believe that consistency is the key to success. That's why we make it easy for you to consistently show up and promote your business. We want you to be seen! Girls Talk Business provides two membership options, so whether you are a complete novice or you've been around the block a few times, there is a GTB Membership plan that will suit you.  

Want More?
Become a GTB Member!


Ok, so you've signed up to our website and added your profile to the 'Members' Lounge'. You are following other members and our GTB Leaders, and you've checked out The Vault.


Now what?

You can become a GTB Member for only $10 (+ GST) per month or $110 (+ GST) per year!


Here's what your GTB Membership will give you:

  • Monthly online Workshops (led by GTB Leaders) to help you with strategies, clarity, planning and staying on track.

  • Online speed Networking sessions – series of brief exchanges during set times 

  • Promote your business with a weekly post in the GTB Facebook Group. We'll provide informative online workshops to help you organise your posts to stand out.

  • Ask an expert – get expert input on an area in business you are struggling with - in writing (free) or a deeper dive will require a cost. 

  • Plus, we've added a Bonus offer - lower price/1st dibs for in-person Events.

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Join our Facebook Group

Stay connected in real-time with real conversations. 

The Girls Talk Business FB Group offers you an online social media community of New Zealand businesswomen who are 100% behind your success.  Our Facebook Group has over 9000 active members, ready to hear from you.


You'll never be alone in your business journey!

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