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Girls Talk Business

 Where Confidence & Business Relationships Flourish!

Girls Talk Business (GTB) is your trusted community for businesswomen - worldwide, We're dedicated to elevating your confidence and nurturing meaningful business relationships to thrive. We recognise the unique challenges you face in navigating the business world around you. Our Mission is to empower you with invaluable insights, resources, and growth opportunities, all through our L.E.A.P approach: 



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Introducing the Members Lounge 

Welcome to the Members Lounge, where you can create a detailed business profile for free and share your business story with our community. This is your chance to shine.


The Members Lounge is the perfect place to boost your online presence and build confidence, helping you stand out. Connect with fellow members and leaders through virtual coffee chats and build strong business relationships.


Consider upgrading to a GTB Premium Membership to feature at the top of the page.

Discover the powerful connections forged in the Members Lounge.

GTB Events -
Where Engagement is Key!

Girls Talk Business offers a diverse range of monthly online workshops and networking events, all geared toward helping you build stronger business relationships and boosting your confidence to achieve your goals.

Our GTB Leaders and guest experts consistently lead these informative online events, creating opportunities for valuable connections and insights essential for your business growth.

As a GTB Premium Member, you enjoy unlimited access to these workshops and networking events.

Girls Talk Business Events
Girls Talk Business The Vault

The Vault - 
Your Learning Hub for Business Growth!

Dive into a treasure trove of expert resources and valuable content to elevate your business skills.


Explore blogs, resources, and videos. Consider upgrading to our Premium Membership for even more learning opportunities.

As a GTB Premium Member, you’ll enjoy unlimited workshop recordings.

Start learning in The Vault!

Take the 'LEAP' with
Girls Talk Business


At Girls Talk Business, we understand the unique challenges women face when navigating the business world independently. We're here to provide invaluable insights, essential resources, and transformational opportunities so you don't have to go through this journey alone.

Get ready to boost your confidence and watch your business flourish.

As a GTB Premium Member, you'll gain exclusive access to experiences and insights from accomplished women in business. Engage in networking opportunities, participate in insightful discussions, and receive the support you need to take action and promote your services and products within our thriving community.

 Girls Talk Business Collaborates
with Trusted Leaders.

Empowering Women in Business, Together...


We're thrilled to collaborate with industry-leading experts to empower women in business. With their unwavering support and guidance, we're committed to providing valuable insights and advice, nurturing your confidence, and helping your business flourish.

Our GTB Leaders offer exclusive workshops for our premium members and engage in thought-provoking discussions within our lively Facebook group community.


Meet our Leaders and explore the wealth of knowledge and insights they bring to our community.

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"Join our GTB Facebook Group – connect with our vibrant business community of over 9200 members.

A safe place to learn, engage, take action, and promote your business."

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