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Your Impactful Five Supporters or Stretchers

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

“We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”, Jim Rhon.

We can value and receive much support from those who love us. It's great to be loved unconditionally. However, our loved ones can look through the lens of keeping us safe and making life easy. It can be easier to "stay safe" because that is what our loved ones may say. Their intentions are kind, but they don't want us to struggle or be "scared", "sad", or "unhappy".

We often have several people who have an Impact and Inspire us. First, they inspire us by stretching us, hearing what they say and learning from what they do. Second, we love their daily willingness to keep moving forward and invest their energy into that momentum, no matter the struggle.

The people who inspire us to do that are the wings of Inspiration when we falter in the face of overwhelm, overthinking and overindulging. Instead, we can choose the desire to keep moving forward as a source of Inspiration and evolve: do me, what's me and how I do it.

We want that Inspiration to be reciprocal, a two-way street that provides that stretch to each party.

Here are some thoughts on your current challenge and how you could expand your network to draw in those who will stretch you and love you.

There is a whole blog on our website for detailed suggestions about gaining the support you want with your planning in your business.

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1 Comment

Ines Curin
Ines Curin
Dec 12, 2022

Wings of inspiration 👏🥰

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