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Fatigue Impacts on your Business & You

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Our fatigue can impact us, our wellness and our relationships when we become emotionally, physically and mentally and many of us push through fatigue.

We have worked with multiple clients over the year who felt drained and wanted to take care of themselves and feel energised when they awake in the morning.

They want to enjoy breakfast with their family and end the day without thinking all night about the next "thing" to be achieved.

We worked with them on the following:

  • Sleep patterns and practices to change them

  • Micro stories (inner thoughts) about why they had to stay up late to do more work for their clients and team

  • How they felt and experienced the emotions related to fatigue and why and how this affected what they do and don't do

We worked with them and they are now continuing to practise a new approach and were amazed at how quickly they sleep and stay asleep. They can relax and sustain the changes with us while they unraveled the next challenge.

We can achieve so much more when we are fresh and energised, and teams will support us so they can help with the more significant decisions and direction. They have more impact.

A change in how we see ourselves and our context has an impact that ripples out to those around us.

Continuing fatigue is not OK for our wellness, relationships and our ability to make good choices leading our lives.

You can have more impact in less time.

3 questions for NOW

1. How many times a week do you feel fatigued?

2. What if obstacles to more vitality (energy) are completely moveable?

3. What are you doing towards that future?

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