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How to Make Choices for IMPACT

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I have experienced a three-stage journey in my business in my rush to do everything. But then, I thought I just needed to "get going and keep going."

  1. I started on my own with "pretty pictures" in my head right at the start - I was so excited.

2. I didn't get the results I wanted and told myself I got to make this better and make money. I worked hard.

3. I slowed down to speed up and worked with Sarah at the WAVE and Ines at GTB. I built on my experience, got clear on my horizon (future), and built the right foundations.

It sounds obvious now when I look back on the journey, but I had been used to doing things independently. I thought I had to be in business ... Nope, it's more fun with other Girls!

Our collaboration at the WAVE and GTB gave us the toolkit we needed .... Choices to value ourselves and our business.

Creating and implementing great choices take time. ... that sense of urgency (anxiety usually) doesn't help in the long run.

Building a brand "Look and Feel" that connects to you is part of the journey, and there are some fantastic offers at GTB from amazing women to support that part of the journey.

We at The WAVE go deeper for you and what you want from your business. We are experts in business leadership, the whole experience of it. We can help you see the horizon (your future and that of a team) and how you build a business that connects you and your customers. Bring IMPACT and value to them in ways you can't even see right now.

We came up with a fantastic offer for all the "Girls" so you can experience what that horizon could look like before you brand or perhaps when it's time to make a change in your business or yourself.

We are change catalysts.

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