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Hi, I'm Sarah,

I'm a business coach, with a 20+ years experience in marketing and building businesses.

I work specifically with service businesses who are struggling to attract their ideal clients and win work.

It's frustrating when you have a great service but bringing in new clients is a struggle - and there are so many different marketing activities it can be a minefield trying to work out what you should be spending your time doing.

My formula ensures you are putting yourself where your clients are and nurturing them all the way through the customer journey.

So you attract, nurture, convert and retain your ideal clients- then turn them into raving fans!

I'll meet you where you're at whether your a newbie to the bizgame and drowning in confusion or an entrepreneur building multiple businesses.

What matters to me is that you're passionate about what you do, and you want to succeed.


I work with clients through 1:1 coaching, In person & zoom group programs and team training workshops for SME's.

I have a range of programs covering;

Getting your marketing foundations in place

Low tech / no tech ways to grow your business (for hands on businesses - Hairdressers, massage therapists, beauticians, nail technicians etc)

Writing winning proposals for Pitches & Strategic partnerships

Mastering sales conversations

GTBNZ exclusive offer - Get Booked! Create a gamechanger marketing plan for your service business

I'm a RBPN (Regional Business Partner Network) service provider with a number of programs registered. You may be eligible for 50% co-funding up to a max. of $5k if you meet the criteria. It's absolutely awesome and so many ladies in this community have benefited. - I'm happy to chat with you and talk you through the process.

Also, check out my offer that's only available to GTBNZ members - on the exclusive offers page. It's fab to get you started.


When I'm not in the office;

😃 You'll find me filling my cup on the tennis court, listening to a podcast, caring for my mother who has dementia, hanging out with my Boxer or buying plants and trying to sneak them past my husband! 😃

😖 You'll rarely find me whipping up something fancy in the kitchen, having fun with technology, watching tv or happily doing housework! 😖

I'm always up for a virtual cuppa over zoom, if you'd like to connect, just reach out, I'd love to meet you!

Sarah Davies

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