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What I Wish I Knew About Notion Before I Started

I wanted to share with you a glimpse into my recent workshop I hosted here at GTB.

In addition to revealing effective digital organisation strategies, I spoke about what I wish I knew before setting up a Notion account for small business management.

If I heard this piece of advice before I signed up, then it would have saved me a lot of frustration and given me belief that I would master it one day.

Instead, I went in with high hopes of myself and the application itself. All I saw was blank white pages and NO guidance. It was frightening to say the least. I pride myself on being a fast learner, being able to analyse and adapt to things almost instantly. I'll be honest, I wrote the application off entirely and wondered why there was so much hype around it, because frankly I thought it was too complicated (while also not being complicated at the same time because all it is is pages and blocks.) I saw it as an all or nothing. That I had to understand it straight away and that I should be able to master it within a week. So I gave up.

It took me a good 5 months till I built up the courage to tackle Notion again. When I returned to it, I thought that I would try a different approach, a FUN approach. I changed my mindset from having to perfect it and build a correct functioning system straight away, to a mindset of; let's experiment, let's make mistakes and let's learn what this app can do!

Only then did I start to understand Notion and unlock all of it's amazing capabilities.

So, as I explain in the clip below, start slow. Play around with it, create something that is not so serious and slowly start to understand how it works. Sure, it may take you longer than an application like Monday or Asana that has pre-built 'training wheels' that allows you to quickly implement and pick up. But, I can promise that once you learn Notion you'll never look back, it is a system that can grow with you and will become your daily go-to business bible.

There aren’t many resources out there for small business owners who want to make the leap to a new way of managing their data with Notion.

That’s where I come in. Notion is one of my top recommended tools to better organise and manage your business information. If you’re looking to improve your workflow and spend less time on your internal management, let’s have a chat! I help small business owners create a system to help them plan, manage and organise their content better.

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(PS: I share lots of awesome and free ways you can improve your digital workflow over on my business pages)

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