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Visibility Month: Listen before you Speak

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In case you hadn't heard, it’s Visibility month! In the Girls Talk Business community we are focusing on the many ways you can be more visible to your clients.

As we take a step back and look at what your visibility goals are and what it would look like to achieve them, let’s also pause and listen before we speak.

What ways can you listen to your target audience so you hear what their concerns and pain points are, their aspirations or what they actually need? By understanding what they want and need, you can create a visibility plan that really resonates with them. If you haven’t listened first then your efforts may all be in vain.

So, how do you listen to your audience? You can monitor social media, send out surveys, or even hold focus groups, watch and observe in community groups. The key is to actively listen and take your clients' feedback on board. Adjust your packages or products to meet the needs of your clients.

Not only will this help you create an effective visibility plan, but it will also build trust and credibility with your audience. In a tight economic market clients want to work with businesses they trust and feel connected to, so show them that you understand what they are actually looking for, value their feedback and really care about helping them.

Sometimes we think we want to be liked by our target audience so we entertain them or try to show how amazing our products and services are, but wouldn’t you prefer your clients to know you and your business as being helpful and the answer to their needs?

What if no-one actually needs your product or service, if it’s more of a want, such as a luxury or feel good item, then appeal to how it makes them feel, look or the outcome it can produce.

And don't forget to personalise your visibility and marketing messages! By tailoring your messages to individuals or groups, based on their interests and preferences, you'll stand out in a crowded market and improve your connection and ROI.

For example, in the GTB AdFriday post, which is your opportunity to share your business link on a dedicated GTB Facebook post. Take a moment to listen first, look over previous Ad Friday posts:

  • Which individual comments stand out as a comment on the post?

  • What type of comment resonates with the viewers, what type resonates with you?

  • Who's actually in the GTB community, maybe your usual messaging doesn't quite connect with them? Stop and think, write the comment for them.

  • What if your service doesn’t fit the GTB community at all? That's ok, would the community be able to refer to your ideal clients? Can you suggest that to them?

  • Can you support others on the post by engaging and commenting on theirs, more ways to know, like and trust you more?

So, before you start shouting about how amazing your business is, take a moment to listen before you speak!


I'm Nicki Osbaldiston, Marketing Strategist, Girls Talk Business Partner and Business owner myself.

If you would like more help with your own Business Visibility Plan book a Personal Visibility Planning session. For 60 minutes we will dig into your own Visibility Vision, Values, Voice and Visuals. You'll come away with a recorded brainstorm session and worksheet to give you a huge Visibility Boost!

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