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The '10 Years On' Roadmap

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

We stand back right now, look into the future and see a destination. The destination for our business will take us ten years to get to.

It's the place we want to get to in the future. For now, we don't need to know how we will get there. We will develop as we grow our capabilities and use our wisdom. We don't need to know what we are doing to get to that island. During that ten years, it will become clearer. It’s our long-range destination.

We can today consider our why. Why do we want to get to that 10-year destination? Our Why will also develop over time, but we can know what our why feels like. In our body.

Imagine you are in your destination ten years from now. Take a breath in and out and know you have reached where you want to be. Imagine how you feel about that. Take some breaths in and out and in. Feel the sensations you want to feel in the future. Notice them and observe them and name those feelings and those sensations. This is the future you want to enjoy.

The best thing of all is that you can feel those things now right now. Anytime you want to contemplate the journey ahead or to evolve, you can feel these feelings which evolve from your thoughts.

You may want to move forward to this place in the future at a pace that you enjoy. It can be a pace that takes care of you and your loved ones and creates the impact you want to have on that whole journey. There are timeless everyday choices and habits that you can make on that journey into the future these choices and habits are the foundations for your journey. Those choices leverage your wisdom, they will create the impact you desire now and in the future.

This is why they are timeless. You are timeless, and the tiny ripples of change you are making will impact others over time. The way you show up every day is always your best, AND you can choose to shape the person you are becoming every day.

You are the ultimate certainty ... who you are each day.

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