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Is There Such A Thing As Work/Life Balance?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Women around the world have been striving to find the perfect work/life balance for decades.

All work and no play makes you tired, irritable and stressed. The same goes for having no time to focus on your business.

So, how can you strike this balance that eludes?

The expectations put on modern women are often huge! An expectation that because we can have it all, we are somehow meant to do it all; the family, the career, the perfect home… and perfect hair and makeup too.

I don’t know about you, but my hair can be so far from perfect most mornings. And all that other stuff is a juggle too.

Fortunately, you can achieve some level of balance in your life. However, that balance will vary in your life, day to day, week to week. It will most likely not look the same for every woman.

So, how do you get it?

Let’s get into that very conundrum now.

What Is Work/Life Balance?

Somehow, women have been sold this idea that your time can be evenly divided between both work and the rest of your life.

This crazy concept has grown momentum and has us all striving for it.

We often tell ourselves everything will be OK once we have the perfect work/life balance. That life will be perfect if we can evenly divide out those responsibilities into two categories: work and life.

Well, I say rubbish to that!

The media has certainly been no help in this situation in the past. While improving slowly, we are still bombarded with images of the “perfect Mum” with immaculate hair and makeup, a perfectly clean child on her tailored (and unstained) clothed hip, and a laptop on the other hand. Don’t forget the perfectly pencilled smile frozen on her lips.

Do you know what… THAT IS NOT REALITY! (If it’s yours, I’d love to hear your secrets.)

Yep, we can have the kid on our hip and a laptop on our other hand, but that is about where the similarities stop.

Here’s the blunt truth - work/life balance does not mean being and having everything perfect. It means finding a balance that works well for you and your family.

Is The Work/Life Balance An Impossible Dream?

With a sink full of dishes, an inbox that shows over 1000 unread emails, kids who need help with homework, and urgent client work, you may think that balancing your work life and home life is an impossible dream.

The reality is that while a singleton or professional couple may be able to reach the perfect allocation of hours to both sides, it is virtually impossible as a parent with a business and a family.

However, don’t lose all hope!

You might not achieve the perfect “8 hour/8 hour” split you may be dreaming of, but you can have the organisation to your chaos so that everything gets done and your home and family remain happy.

Finding Your Balance

Finding your balance means letting go of the ideals and dreams of how things should be and instead, being flexible and finding what works for your world.

I’m not saying you will simply allocate 8 hours of every day to your business and schedule in 8 hours for blissful home life. Life simply doesn’t work that way. There will be days with sick kids, young humans requiring attention, parents, partners and spouses to spend time with or run errands for. Those days will be weighted more to the family life side.

However, on the other side of this ever-changing seesaw of balance, there will be days you have important deadlines, video calls, seminars and more that must be completed. Those are the days that work gets more of your attention.

Remember, although we use the term balance, it does not need to mean an even distribution between work and life. In this instance, it basically means a happy medium where you get everything done that you need to, without feeling overwhelmed and sleep-deprived.

Need some help discovering what balance might look like for you? Then jump on a free discovery call with me and we can get that mapped out in just 30 minutes. Book a convenient time to chat now.

Shannon Conaglen

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