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How to Easily Raise Your Profile in Facebook Groups and Win Clients.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I had a catch up with a member of this group yesterday. We talked about some of the difficulties businesswomen face working from home. One of the biggest struggles we identified was; how to raise your profile in Facebook Groups and win clients?

Are you one of those people that is currently struggling because you don't know where to start?

Look, I get it you didn't go into business to spend time promoting your business on social platforms. But then how are your clients going to find you? Word of mouth only takes you so far. I understand that some of you just want to get on with what you love to do rather than spend your valuable time engaging on social media platforms. But here's the thing you are missing out if you don't. One of the biggest lessons I learned is, that it doesn't matter which platform you are on; you need to have a social media presence so you clients can find you.

The best place to start raising your profile is in a Facebook Group. But first, if you want results, you have to have a goal. Otherwise, you will likely get disheartened and give up.

When I started to focus on my goals, it helped me be more mindful about my time. I created a Post Planner to help me stay organised and have a consistent message when I engage in any Facebook Group. Here are some of the questions you can ask yourself on your own post planner: What type of posts do you want to share? What is your goal for this Facebook Group? What is your main message? What are the types of questions you're frequently asked? You can use these as guidelines when engaging with any group. It will also help you stay consistent with your messaging. You'll notice that these messages will be similar to what you already post on social media channels, which will make it easier for people who are following you elsewhere to know what to expect from you.

Now, let's talk about the three most common ways members engage in Private Facebook Groups.

Using the Emoji

The emoji is a simple and popular way to engage with others in Facebook Groups. The emoji can be used to highlight points, clarify meaning and add that personal touch. If you are too shy to say something, then use an emoji. Using and emoji helps you get seen because we search the profiles of members who have liked our posts. But remember not to overuse them.

By clicking the like/love/care/haha/sad/angry, you show the poster you understand them.

  • Personally, I'm a big fan of the 'love' emoji because I feel we need more love in the world

  • The 'haha' emoji tells us you enjoy our point of view

  • A 'crying' emoji is telling us you feel sad at the situation

  • A 'angry' emoji is announcing that you have a strong reaction to a comment.

  • The 'care' emoji means you what to give a hug

Clicking an emoji is like standing in a room full of people smiling and saying hello.

Posting a Post

Many members are missing out on interacting with their community because they struggle to understand how to post an engaging post. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we can't post in a group that we forget to focus on what we can.

Most admins in Facebook Groups love members to start a conversation by asking questions and sharing ideas. You can also share relatable posts by revealing what you have learnt and what has helped you in your business. There are no limits to how often you can post in a group throughout the week.

Admins love to receive engaging posts; there are only so many courier and packaging questions we want to approve each week. So think about how you can share yourself in the group without adding a link. It's an excellent way for your business/brand to get noticed.

If you follow that one rule, give more than you take, you are sure to win over most members.

In The Comment Section

Do you know how to show up in a comment section of a post?

The comment section is where you find yourself when you what to have an intimate conversation. You might find you want to offer advice/support or you might like to help members find a solution or a resolution?

If you want your comment to stand out, I would recommend you first understand what results you want to achieve. It's so easy to comment with a solution or offer advice. But you should also consider what's in it for you. Think about structuring your comment with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

  • The beginning is your intro, who are you and why are you here to give advice.

  • The middle is your gift to the poster, your suggestion that explains how this has helped you.

  • The end is just the beginning; we often comment because we find we have something in common with that person, so we offer to connect as there might be an opportunity to network.

When you are participating in a Facebook Group, please make sure not to sell your product or service. This is what we call "Self-promotion" and many people find it off-putting. What's more, you will come across as someone who is desperate for clients if you are constantly selling your products or services in a Facebook Group.

So start with setting a goal and use a Post Planner to save you time and energy. You will feel less pressure when you do start to engage in the group. I know it can feel a little challenging initially, but rest assured it will get easier once you understand why you are there. You will be able to measure your success once you see who is engaging with you and responding to your post and comments.

Not so long ago, I was also struggled and didn't know how to show up let alone speak up in my own Facebook Group, so I get it. But I promise you that your engagement and reach will grow once you understand what you want to achieve. Members what to know, like and trust you before they will buy from you.

Are you ready? You'll be surprised by how easy it is to find new clients and raise your profile by using the right techniques. But there's no one-size-fits-all solution. You'll need to experiment and see what works best for you.

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