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GTB Branding & Brunch with Eloise and Ines

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Our journey began eight months ago, when Eloise and I decided to collaborate on this amazing project, and now we want to share how far we have come and honour what has been achieved.

Eloise undoubtedly exceeded my expectations by creating the complete branding package for Girls Talk Business and building a functioning website that I know will benefit our Members.

My vision for the website was to provide an interactive website with helpful tools and recourses while also providing members with a supportive community, and I believe we have achieved this goal.

You have the opportunity to listen to our journey where we also talk about some super cool functions that you might not know are available on the GTB website.

Are you needing help with your branding, consider reaching out to Eloise you can contact her here:

GTBMembers please checkout the special offer here:

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