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6 Steps for Impact on Sales

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

I was talking to a business owner today who has a fantastic business. I asked about her business, and we found opportunities she hadn't explored or become frustrated with. So I could see it wasn't a lack of opportunity that was the problem.

She needed someone to talk to to see her brilliance and the opportunities in a new light.

Here is something I later suggested she complete to explore and prioritise the opportunities. I hope it helps you too:

Summary of the process

The impact and effort matrix is a valuable tool to prioritise tasks based on their potential impact and the effort required to complete them.

When assessing sales opportunities, you can use the matrix to evaluate the potential impact of each option and the effort required to pursue it. This can help you prioritise your sales activities and focus on the opportunities most likely yield the best results.

List the sales opportunities you are considering, assign each one a score for impact and effort, and plot them on the matrix. Then, focus your efforts on the opportunities in the high-impact, low-effort quadrant.

The Six Steps

Here are some additional tips on how to use the impact and effort matrix to assess sales opportunities:

  1. Start by listing all of the sales opportunities you are considering. This could include new leads, existing clients, or potential partnerships.

  2. Assign each opportunity a score for impact and effort. Mark refers to the potential value of the opportunity, while action relates to the resources (time, money, personnel) required to pursue it. You can use a scale of 1-10 for each factor, with ten being the highest.

  3. Plot each opportunity on the matrix based on its impact and effort scores. Opportunities with high impact and low effort should be prioritised, while those with low and high effort should be deprioritised.

  4. Use the matrix to identify patterns and trends in your sales opportunities. For example, are specific opportunities consistently falling in the high-impact, low-effort quadrant? Are there areas where you need to allocate more resources to improve your chances of success?

  5. Regularly review and update the matrix as new opportunities arise or circumstances change. This can help you constantly focus your sales efforts on the most promising opportunities.

  6. Keep your Mindset toolkit sharp.

Sales Mindset

Managing your mind is crucial in pursuing sales opportunities. Therefore, it's essential to maintain a mindset that enables you to stay focused on your goals and continuously improve your skills.

This can involve techniques such as visualisation, mindfulness, and self-talk to help you stay motivated and overcome any obstacles during the sales process.

Additionally, staying organised and prioritising your tasks can help you stay on track and make the most of your time.

The Magic Mindset

The knowledge for everything is out there ... I just created the bulk of this post on Canva Magic as an example.

The real magic is the mindset that can come from collaborating with others to elevate our thinking and how we feel.

I'm happy to assist you with sustaining your efforts beyond the Impact V Effort. Just book a conversation with no obligation.

We lighten the mindset load first, and then we get more IMPACT.

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