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Promo Package

‘Limelight’ Promo Package: $699 + GST

Duration: 3 months - 4 months



Do you have a Workshop, Demonstration, Training, or you would love to video and promote your Online Event?  If you’re not familiar with the technology and process, making a video can be a bit ‘too hard baskety’. With our LIMELIGHT package  all you need to do is bring your expertise and your slides with you, and I will organise the rest.  I have the tech knowhow, the channel and the storage.  All you need to do is come at me with your event… I’ll do the rest.

What this package includes:

Option to hold your online Event Live on Zoom or we can Pre-Record your Event on Zoom.

We will…

  • Schedule your Event and organise the promotional online Flyer.

  • Promote your Event through the GTB Website and GTB Facebook Group before the event (Live Only).

  • Hosts & record your Event so you can relax.  Leave the back end to us.

  • Upload your recording and store the raw recording on the GTB YouTube channel

  • Edit a 30 second clip to use as part of your promotional material.

  • Share/promote your 30-sec clip to the GTB Facebook Group after the Event.

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